Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home Tour With ATwist: Kitchen

I am so excited about this home tour with a twist.  I've already gotten so many great ideas from comments here and my Facebook page.  Thanks to everyone who's been helping!! I've already gone out and bought some spray paint for a basket I have, thanks to Latoya from The Scott's Crib, and thanks to my friends over at We Know Stuff, I'm re-evaluating the kind of art I want to add into the space.  My creative juices are super flowing, so of course I'm ready for the next part of my tour.

I was watching HGTV (while the boys napped, side bar.... it is fabulous to have them on the same schedule!!!) anyway.. I decided it was a great time to snap pics, and since they're still sleeping it's a great time to post (wow that was a long sentence).  So here they are!  Welcome to my large, but pretty bare kitchen ; )

This was my Kitchen when we bought the house... we basically have only painted and added blinds.

This is it today.  When you stand by the mudroom door, you face my kiddie zone.  I have some projects Munchkin does, and his learning poster.  Uuumm... yes those are Little Bear's first birthday balloons (from a month ago).   I think I have issues because I just can't seem to take them down.   Anyway the balloons are attached to our back doors, there is actually the appearance of three doors but only one opens.

So glad you can't see the floor under there (and the wall, and side of the cabinets for that matter).  I used to have a mat but it got so gross I tossed it and have yet to replace it.
The Plan:
I want to add some fun word art in the space over the back door.  That is assuming I ever take the balloons down.  I like what Latoya did with her word art, but I'm thinking I may go vinyl.

A look to the left and you'll see the sink area.  I don't like a lot of things on the counter (as you can see).  I think this stems from living in very tight quarters when I got my first apartment, with almost ZERO counter space.  I guess I've just never moved on.  I don't think there is much I can do there, but I am totally open to opinions.

Sorry it's so dark.  My camera doesn't take great pics... and hubby's camera (which I used) takes great clear pics, but the flash is broken, plus it's raining out... ah such is life.
The door in the corner is my pantry, then next to the fridge is my toast and coffee area.  Ever since I completed my command center, it has become the new clutter zone.  I want to add a pantry sign in the space over the door... possibly.


Yes, those speakers are the same ones I removed from the command center.  I just can't figure out where to put them.

 The Plan:
I would like to add a chalk board menu somewhere.  I'm thinking the side of the upper cabinet.
What do you think?

Okay... this is my kitchen table.  I love it!  The color, the height... everything.  It's just plain.  Help!  I can't add a runner...  I had one there for a day with near disastrous results.  I used to have a vase of flowers.  You can see them on the command center way in the background.   I don't want to add another vase because it gets in the way when we're eating dinner.  I was constantly either moving them out of reach of Munchkin who could reach them from his chair, or moving them because they blocked the view of my hot hubby while we ate ; ).
Yes yes yes... I have plastic on my chairs, I'm that lady.  I've already scotch guarded them, but they're close to white and I've to sets of sticky fingers to protect from.  So far so good.
The Plan (so far):
Add a bowl of lemons.  I figure it's low and it will add some bright color.

You've already seen my command center, so I won't spend a lot of time here.  The two doors on either side lead to the Dining Room.

The last area in the kitchen is this blank wall (get used to these, there are a lot to come on this tour).   I think the possibilities are endless.  A neighbor of mine who has an almost identical home, has a hutch here.  It's beautiful, I just don't see the need for any extra furniture or storage for that matter.  What do you think?   I don't quite have a plan yet except some art... but I want to do something awesome.

Thank you for joining me on another section of my Home Tour with a twist.  So far we've seen:

Once again... I encourage the comments, suggestions, ideas... but please be nice : ).



  1. Ditto with the above the door pantry sign..I'm still pondering creative ways to do this myself. Also as far as the chalkboard, hey go for a whole door...I did and my daughter loves it. I think your pantry door is a great candidate;) Oh yeah as far as that great big nice wall I would consider some type of kitchen art...I have pinned alot over at Pinterest to get get an idea of what I want to do with a wall in my kitchen but I am considering hanging some of my daughter's "masterpieces" lol. And I love the little kid table...gotta have furniture for them too:)

  2. Lol.. I thought of a whole door chalk board... My hubby would not go for that.. So I gotta find something not so permanent for chalk art. I saw your pinterest wall... I really like that puffy paint art. I'm leaning toward that. The little furniture was a gift... My aunt (a kindergarten teacher) is planning on retiring soon and I am the very lucky recipient of her clean out.