Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Five: Favorite Candy

Hello Rosey Readers!!! It's almost Halloween!! I'm such a kid at heart and I love all holidays (especially Christmas). In honor of this wonderfully spooky (Munchkins new favorite word) and awesomely sweet holiday, here are my five favorite candies of all time.

1. Snickers! By far my favorite! Who doesn't love a caramelly, chocolatey, nutty bar of goodness! I've had ice cream Snickers and even fried Snickers. Back in the day I'd get a king size Snickers with no guilt... Not anymore. The only time I eat Snickers these days is around Halloween when I get two bags of fun sized Snickers, and only pass out one to the trick or treaters.

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, peanut butter and chocolate... Has there ever been a better pair?... Shhh don't tell

3. Twizzlers. Now I know they are not totally guilt free but I do feel better about eating a bag of twizzlers than I do a bag of Snickers. I love them, fruity and chewy. Have you ever had chocolate Twizzlers? how about the sour filled ones? They're good but nothing beats good ol' strawberry.

4. Werther's Original Caramels. OMGsh!!!! These are the best hard or soft caramels out there!!!

5. Peanut M&Ms. Yum-O (wait do I sound like Rachel Ray?) anyway. I totally prefer peanut over plain... Does anybody disagree? I don't often get these (even though I love them) but here and there I'll add them to trail mix. Try this recipe I use: mix together 1 cup of the following: walnuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, and dried cherries and add 1/2 cup of
peanut M & Ms. Make 1/2 Cup baggies for a quick or on the go snack.

What kind of candy do you love?

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  1. Im old fashioned lemon drops and orange slices lol!