Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Five: Fabulous School Lunches

Did you know that it was National School Lunch Week?  I don't have any in school yet, but I do make lunch everyday.  So in honor of National School Lunch Week, I thought it be fun to share some of the cutest lunch ideas I've seen out there in blogland.
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Bon Appetit Hello Kitty Style!

hello kitty bento, cute sanrio character lunch japan

I don't have a little girl, but if I did I'm sure she'd love this.  How Sweet!!!!

How about this one... simple, but adorable.  Look at that happy little cloud.
Too bad I didn't think of this for our U is for Umbrella week.

This Space ship sandwich was a big hit (yes... small plug for my own lunch making skillz).  For real though, Munchkin finished every last bite and it wasn't because I starved him to make sure he was hungry... I never do that.

Okay... this might be better for a fun dinner... but I had to add it.  Meatloaf cupcakes!!! Come on... Love it!!  I'm thinking of making this for April Fool's Day... wouldn't that be funny?

Speaking of cupcakes... have you ever seen muffin tin meals? These are super cute! There are so many but I had to add my favorite Halloween Themed one.

MTM - Halloween

This one is so cute and looks relatively healthy (minus the candy... then again... it is Halloween).  There is one in the works for Halloween in our home.  Some are down right disgusting: witch fingers, goblin puss (yeah I know)... I have to think of some less gory Halloween goodies for the Munchkin.  Check us out after Halloween to see what I came up with.

Hope you enjoyed This week's Friday Five, Have an awesome weekend!



  1. These are all so adorable, your space ship sandwich is too cute! My son refuses to eat sandwiches. Maybe if I get a little crafty I can get him to take a bite!

  2. Thank you! Sometimes my crafty food ideas totally backfire.