Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Newest Addiction

I have a new addiction everyone.  I'm still loving to organize, teach my little tots (and preschooler now),  and I still love to host a good event... but I have found something new to keep me busy...  Cloth Diapers!

Can you believe it?  I never thought in a million years that I'd actually be taking the plunge.  My interest in cloth diapering began almost four years ago, while pregnant with Munchkin.  I am hardly a card carrying member of the Captain Planet Team, but I am somewhat eco-sensitive... if that's a word.  I very often forget to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store... but I reuse the ones I get for garbage and mostly doggie duty outside.  I try and recycle anything that can be recycled.  While newly pregnant with my first baby I decided to look into it.  Let's just say for anyone who has ever tried to "look into" cloth diapering, they know how totally overwhelming it is.  It's not your grandmama's cloth anymore, or should I say it's not JUST your grandmama's cloth anymore.  You can still find the old school flats and prefolds, but now there is just so much more!  So much that it is extremely overwhelming.  Basically I got bored of trying to figure everything out and that was the end of that.  When I found myself preggers with Little Bear I thought about it again, but only very briefly.  I'd successfully used disposables and thought it'd be a bit crazy to start with two little one under 2.

So yes, I've decided to start with (what will be) 3 kids, three and under... yes crazy! 


My answer is simple..  I am expecting this to be my last baby, and I really like to try everything at least once.  Plus, well, not to toot my own horn, but I'm a bit more of an experienced momma this time around.  So when the thought popped into my head, I started googling, and stalking some cloth diaper forums, and watching you tube video after video.  After a while, all the cloth diapering lingo became more and more familiar.  I began to understand!  So jump in right??... wrong!!  There are a lot of variables to consider while cloth diapering like ease, cost, and size.  Cost being a big one.  Yes, over time cloth diapering is probably (in most cases) cheaper.  However, if you get carried away (which I'm learning many people do) you can expect to probably break even... then again you could sell your stash or use it for another baby to come.  The best advice I read is to decide your reasoning, and go from there.  My reason, as I've said before, is mostly to try something new, with cost and environment coming in tied for second.  So how do I try something new, with out investing too much in the beginning.  By going the part time route.  This means I will use them while at home, and keep disposables on hand just in case the laundry doesn't get done in time.  "Baby Steps".

So I ordered my first set. 

I decided to go with a less expensive pocket diaper (perhaps in an up coming post, I'll explain the different types... or at least point you in the right direction).   An online buddy suggested Sunbabies one size.  I ordered 6 with bamboo inserts (no there are not bamboo sticks inside... ouch!!)  $51.00.  I figure that's not too bad of an upfront cost.  I also bought a drying rack for $20 from Walmart.  Then I added two BumGenious 4.0s (another type of diaper) just because.  They were 17.99 a pop!!... so I stopped there.

We have been cloth diapering part time for only a few days.  I've encountered both wet and solid messes, and  I've completed one load of diaper wash, and I gotta say... I'm still excited!  I'm loving it.  I love watching Little Bear run around with his fuzzy butt.  The texture on the inside is so soft, I can only imagine it's much more comfy for him.  Comfy for baby, better for environment... so far so good!  Even though I am enjoying it so far, I've decided to give it another week or so before ordering more, and beginning my newborn stash.  I gotta say it is extremely difficult... there are so many kinds and options. Sigh... Patience!!

Until next time... Have a wonderful day!!