Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Half Way There!!

I can not believe I am half way there.  I am half way to being a mother of three kids, 3 and under (gasp!).  I'm half way to my life changing (again).  I'm half way on the way to falling in love again, to cuddling, nursing, and staring at my new baby.  Whether or not it will be a little prince or princess is still a surprise, and if I can remain strong and resolute it will remain a surprise until our bundle arrives.  I must admit I am very curious, although my gut is telling me I will add another little man to our family.

We are exactly 20 weeks, 5 days right now.  Our baby is about the length of a banana, weighing in at around 10 1/2 ounces.  Baby continues to swallow, and is settling into sleeping patterns.  I have been feeling this little bean a lot.  Usually it's when I get a chance to lay down, figures.

Mr. Rosey Glasses and I have been talking a lot about the elephant in the room named preeclampsia.  I've had it twice now, developing HELLP with Little Bear.  He is nervous... very nervous.  He tends to freak out in situations that are out of his control, and pre-e is one of those things.  My feeling is that we have been there done that.  If it happens again we will deal with whatever cards we are dealt.  I do however hope to have just one normal pregnancy ending in a full-term delivery.

As I'm writing this post I've had to get up to stop impending fights over toy cars a few times, start a movie on the TV, and listen to Little Bear whine at my side because he wants to sit on my lap, which of course means he will also want to "help" me type.  I worry about these things more than pre-e.  How will I meet the needs of everyone in my family?  How can I do it and still enjoy it the new lifethat we've added.  This is something hopefully I can work out before our little one arrives.

Speaking of the other members.  We have been doing tot school, although very sporadically.  The boys are mostly enjoying the summer.  I say mostly because I can't remember a day I spent where I didn't hear crying or screaming from someone at some point.  I am not the cool "take them to the pool everyday" like I thought I'd be, but I think I make up for it with sprinkler and mini pool at home days.

Look at my two little boys.  I can't believe how big and grown they are looking!  I can't believe how in a few months my heart is going to grow to love a new one just the same.