Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movie Marathon

On Monday, Hubby and I went on a movie marathon. We have a very short list of babysitters so getting out more than once a month can be tricky. Sometimes it's a few months before we get out alone. In the summer we like to spend most of our weekends together as a family. Going to the shore, or the zoo, this weekend it's an amusement park. This basically means date days are few and far between.

Like I was saying we decided there were atleast two must see movies this summer and perhaps three. We decided to get a baby sitter for the entire day so we could be home in the evening and kiss the babies goodnight. I hate missing a goodnight kiss.

I imagined seeing the first movie early in the day, then going to get some lunch at a local restaurant then going to see the second. Well, instead we decided to see three movies. This took careful planning and mapping out... we had to make sure we had time for potty breaks, refills on snacks, and buy the tix (we didn't want to buy them all ahaed just in case we couldn't hang.

We arrived at the theater at 10:30am to see Harry Potter 7 on imax in 3D. I of course got a large popcorn and upon seeing a suggestion(advertisement) for topping it with M&M's (i love all things salty and sweet) I added peanut M&M's, along with a large fountain fruit punch. All free refills (which by the end of the day I seriously regretted). Hubby was happy with a nacho and cheese and the waters he threw in my bag before we walked in.

For all you Potter fans out there that haven't seen the movie, go see it now. It was awesome! I laughed and cried while on the edge of my seat for the entire movie (okay actually I was reclined with my feet up, but you get the point). I was totally not disappointed in this great ending to a great series. I did miss about 3 minutes because similarly to a child I couldn't hold it. I blame the large fruit punch.

Next on our list was Captain America.. Hubby and I are into all the super hero movies. We had enough time to visit the potty, purchase tix, refill popcorn, and drinks and get to our seats. Captain America... Hmm what to say. Well it wasn't as good as I thought is was going to be. After watching Thor a couple months ago... I was expecting so much more. It was definitely OK. But I think it missed the comedy aspect of Iron Man and Thor, which left it kind of dry. The kid behind the counter (which we made friends with after all the refills) made the point that since it took place during world war 2 it couldn't be too funny. Well regardless of the reason... the movie was only mildly entertaining. We could have saved our money and watched it when it came out on HBO.

Anyway, off to our last movie. Hubby was winding down and starting to miss the babies (I who see them all day everyday was not). I reminded him that as soon as we got home he'd be ready to go hide from them claiming to need a break and I'd be hanging with them. He conceded, and off the see Transformers we went.. After one more refill of course.

I think both hubby and myself like Transformers so much is because it reminds us of our childhood. I remember Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal, my older brother annoying me.. Ahhhhhh the good ol' days.

I thought Transformers 3 was great... Not perfect, or as good as Harry Potter, but still great. It definitely could have been shorter. I would have really appreciated this since after watching 3 movies in 3D with those glasses on, my head was killing me. But, really it was good and I'm glad We went to see it.

Anyhow, our date day was great... unfortunately I totally paid for the popcorn and fruit punch binge the next day and still am, i've been picking out popcorn kernals from my teeth since) I had a great time, and my husband and I agree that we won't be doing another movie marathon(any time soon) unless it's at home with the babies.

Have a great weekend, doubt I'll be posting till next week. (as if you

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things That I Thought Yesterday.

Yesterday I realized my brain runs a million miles a minute with totally contradictory thoughts. Here are few... In no particular order:

Why is it so hot at 7am... OMG! (Sometimes I literally think in internet slang)
I wish this kid would stop following me.
Bad mommy
I love that kid so much.
Why, when they have this huge play room are they both right under me.
Shoot, 11 am... What's for dinner?
Can't wait for the beach tomorrow!
Aww, it'll be Little Bear's first time... Sniffle.
Oooh Wall-E is on.. I love this movie, I should DVR it... Munchkin will love it too.
I can't stand these dogs!!!
Fricken fur all over the place.
Wy am I still sweating... Isn't the AC on?
Grrrr...why do I feel like the maid.
I can't believe he doesn't like Wall-E... Crazy kid.
I can't wait till these terrible twos are f-ing over...
Wait then he'll just be older... Aww my babies are growing too fast.
I so lucky to be able to stay home with them.
I need to go back to work!
No I don't!
I wonder how those triplets from the NICU are doing, they'd be the same age as Little Bear now.
Oh My Gosh!!!! What if I had three 10 month olds and a 2 year old... Shaking my head!
Why is he awake already?!?!
Why does he just throw his f-ing clothes all over... Wtf... Grrr.
I need a glass of wine.
Damn it's hot!
So glad this cutie is sleeping.
I love him so much!!
I wanna eat those toes... (proceeds to insert toes in mouth)
Aww I wish Munchkin would come here and give me a hug.
Yay... Beach tomorrow!!!
Should we bring the baby tent?
It's so fricken hot.
So glad to get away from the house with only one child... And yes he's still sleeping.
I love Babies R Us
No I don't need that
Aww that's cute.... No put it back... Stick to the list.
Damn it... Can't believe I left the meat and cheese on the deli counter... F-ing mommy brain
Wow, it's 8 o'clock already.
I hope Munchkin is still up, wait I know Munchkin is still up.
WTF... He couldn't even get his PJ's on!!! Sheesh he only had one kid here.
I'm so tired
Wow... Look at my boys. (imagines them as teenagers, then quickly shakes image away)
I love rocking my babies
Finally quiet.
Aaaaaaaah... Now where's that wine?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Those Loungy Weekends

Happy Monday!!! This past weekend we actually didn't do anything and it was wonderful.  As much as I love going to a BBQ, or one of the other millions activities that we have planned for the summer, there is something to be said about just hanging at home.  I can move slowly for one.  I still kind of do the typical things: care for the boys, cook, even a bit of cleaning.  I just get to do it more slowly.  During the week, when I am at "work" I'm in a zone (well I try to be).  If I'm not then I tend to get stuck in the lazy place could be in front of the TV, Computer, or even zoning out in the playroom while the boys get down.  If I keep myself on task, which is tricky to do, then I accomplish most everything.

Anyway back to lazy weekends.  I'm glad we had nothing to do, cause I had a heck of a headache on Saturday that kind of lasted all day.   You know the kind that throbs behind your eyes... ugggghh!!! I went on strike for dinner and DH had to get some things together.  Luckily I keep frozen meals in the freezer for days like these.

On Sunday I felt much better.  I got up and made some butterscotch muffins.  I substituted apple sauce for the oil and used egg substitute as well.  I would post the recipe but DH said they were dry (thanks, in my sarcastic voice).  Munchkin liked them, of course I think the only reason he was partial to them is because he thought they were cupcakes.  Oh well.

A few weeks ago I got a brand new cast iron skillet.  I was watching the Neely's on Food Newtwork and they made something in one.  It made me remember back in the day when my mom and grand mom had one.  It reminded me of some good old fashioned stick to your bones kind of food.  Food that makes the house smell delish, and warms you up inside and out.  Now I realize it's summer, but when I want something, I want it.  It was preseasoned but I still gave it a good rubdown with crisco and put it on the stove on low.  Since is was Sunday (plus since I went on strike on Saturday) I decided to make a yummy dinner of Roasted Chicken with onion gravy, rice and beans, and steamed veggies.  Okay okay... I admit that I made rice and beans from a box, but it's because while I consider my self a pretty good cook, I have not mastered rice.  It's always sticky and clumpy.  Hubby's family is of Haitian decent and rice was a staple in his house growing up.  Sadly rice is not my thing... I can make some good mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. But rice, a food he says he ate almost everyday of his young life is usually not on our menu, unless we have a box of just add water.  Goya is the best ;)

Well now its Monday... back to the daily grind.  A grind that I love by the way (does that sound bad).  I love cooking and taking care of my home with my two little boys close by.  I love that I can decide if I want to finish washing dishes, or stop and race Munchkin with his cars, decide to fold clothes or pick up Little Bear and tickle his feet.  He really does have the cutest feet.
See... aren't these the cutest feet in the world!!!

Anyway until next time, have a wonderful day, week, month, year... LIFE!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Am I Still Awake

For months I've been praying to the lord to just give me 5 straight hours of sleep. I never got it. For months I endured night time rendezvous with two little boys. Night terrors, nursing(snacking), teething, just plain old hold me time... I didn't sleep... Ever! So now Little Bear is sleeping sooo much better and Munchkin isn't waking up screaming as much, and what am I doing at 12:06am? Sleeping? No... I'm on this silly little (but very cool) iPad. Hubby's sleeping, Munchkin is sleeping, Little Bear is sleeping... Hell, even the dogs are sleeping. But am I? No. What is wrong with me? Could it be that all day... ALL DAY.. Someone needs me, I'm doing something for someone else all day. Some call it the witching hour... I call it the quiet hour(s). Time for me! (is this selfish?) no one calling me, or asking me to do anything. No one needing my attention.

Just me. Sigh.. If only I wasn't so tired.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Fondant Cake

In just under two months my Little Bear is going to be 1 year old.  While I'm very excited that he's growing  up (please read: sleeping better, feeding himself, and becoming more independent). I am also going to miss holding a sweet sleeping bundle, or watching him lay on his back and play with his feet.  While I look forward to him saying Mommy for the first time (and several hundred times per day after that), I will long to hear his small baby coos and babbles.  The uncertainty of whether or not there will be a baby number three makes this just a little bit harder.

On the bright side, birthdays = cake!  Usually I'm not into cake, and opt for cookies or brownies instead. However, on special occassions like birthdays, I love to whip up a delicious cake from scratch along with some tasty scratch icing.  I am slightly new to the scratch cake baking scene.  I've only ever made three varieties: Yellow, Strawberry (Scratch, that means no strawberry jello for color and flavor), and Carrot.  My favorite by far is Carrot cake with to-die-for cream cheese frosting : ).  For Munchkins first birthday I made him a basketball cake

This cake was a combination of a scratch carrot cake and a Duncan Hines carrot cake.  I just didn't have the energy to make both from scratch.  The bottom part was three layers and the basketball was cake baked in a bowl.  I also used canned and homemade cream cheese frosting.

Then for Munchkin's second birthday I made a train cake.  This was a combo cake too... I was up until 3am putting it together but I was very happy with the results.

My husband and I decided not to go so big for Little Bears birthday, 1. because I don't have the energy or want to do a big party. 2. He won't remember anyway and will enjoy a bigger party when he is 2. Even though we are not doing a big shindig, I do want to honor his special day with a special cake (and maybe one for smashing). My husbands birthday is the day before and he has been heavily hinting that he doesn't want to get short changed in the cake department. There goes my idea of one cake two names... Hehehe, oh well.

For my husband's cake I want to make something decadent. I haven't decided on a flavor but he's already had carrot and he really likes red velvet so i'll probably go with that (although it's not my favorite). I was thinking of adding a chocolate ganache between the layers just to kick it up a notch. These are some practice cupcakes I made.  Strawberry cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry buttercream frosting.

Little bear will most likely get a caramel cake or Italian cream cake. I really want to dec it out so I'm going to try my hand at fondant. I've been researching some techniques and recipes and learned you can make fondant with marshmallows. Yesterday, I ran to Walmart and picked up some supplies. I used a box cake to practice making my first fondant cake. Making the fondant wasn't has hard as I thought. It was more difficult trying to keep the boys occupied while I worked. 

If you want to try it, all you need is:

8 ounces mini marshmallows
1 pound confectioners sugar
2 tbsp water
Food coloring or flavored extracts (optional) 

 First melt your marshmallows with water in a microwave safe bowl.  

I only had blue and yellow food coloring left in the house, so I chose to go with a white, blue, and brown look.  The brown is just cocoa powder.  I added my cocoa powder to the liquid marshmallows then began adding the confectioners sugar.  In my research I found it referred to as powdered sugar, pulverized sugar, as well as icing sugar.

Once it gets almost impossible to mix, turn it out onto a heavily powdered work surface and continue adding in the sugar until its not sticky any more.  I found that if you greased the surface then dusted with sugar it didn't stick nearly as much.  Please note, this is a very messy process.

Sorry, I couldn't get this picture to rotate.
Just outside the picture above, Munchkin is standing there repeatedly saying "want taste fonnan".  LOL!!! 

After I thought I had added enough sugar I kneaded it a bit more on a surface greased with crisco.  Then I covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge until later (basically nap time).

Next I rolled it out on some wax paper.  I read that you should use a plastic rolling pin for fondant, but I only have a wooden one.  Being the clever gal that I am (wink wink) I covered my rolling pin with wax paper too.  It was pretty easy to roll out.  Then I picked up the whole thing, fondant and wax paper together and placed it over my cake.  Then just peeled off the wax paper.  I had already given it a good smooth crumb coat.   Trim the extra with a knife or pizza cutter and have fun decorating.

My First Fondant Cake!

I learned a lot making it and if you look closely you can see some little imperfections.  I hope to make one more practice cake before Little Bears birthday.  I'll try and roll the fondant a bit thinner next time.  After dinner I let Munchkin sample the practice cakes.  While he was devouring it, he said
"Mommy, dis is de-wi-shus!!"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summertime Sleep

First off Happy 4th of July!!! I love Fourth of July BBQs which brings me to my next thought... Summer is one of my favorite seasons (second only to Spring... Love, love, love the Spring). In the summer you've got great weather, BBQs, the beach, and long long days. What's not to love? Well the long days are great, It's nice to eat dinner with my family and still see the sun out. However (and this is where I start to complain), the sunny evenings are keeping my Munchkin awake, and he in turn is keeping Bear awake.

Munchkin has a typical bedtime of 8:00... Earlier if I need a break earlier and later if I'm keeping him up for a kiss from daddy. We have the typical suggested bedtime routine: bath, books, bed. Usually this works. Munchkin has always been a pretty good sleeper. He started sleeping through the night at 4 months and transitioned into a big boy bed rather easily. We've never had to "sleep train" him. The most I've done is sit in his doorway until he settles enough to fall asleep.

Lately bedtime has become more and more frustrating. Munchkin just doesn't seem to be ready for sleep while the sun is up. I suppose you can't blame him... But this is me trying desperately to cling to a schedule. I like 8:00 bedtime (I like 7:30 even better). I actually have some time to decompress and finish up some chores I didn't get to during the day, or just plain veg out.

Tonight, everything was going so smoothly. Munchkin didn't fight me at bath time (which started at 7:15), and came to his room willingly ready for stories (7:45). After his books I kissed him goodnight, closed his door and walked out. I figured he'd probably get up but as long as he stayed in there he might tire himself out and fall asleep. WRONG!!!!

I was sitting across the hall in Little Bear's room rocking and feeding him his bedtime bottle and here comes Munchkin with some random request. I think he requested bed time music (his term for lullabies). Of course now that he's come in, bear is ready to ham it up. So with Bear in one arm I drag walk him back to bed. This repeats at least 6 times. Then I kind of gave in and told him he could lay on the floor while I rock Bear. Nope, because of course he wants to have a conversation. Then I decide, perhaps he just needs quiet time in his room. So I toss some books on the floor, and him too, then shut the door again. This back and forth goes on for another twenty minutes, each time rousing Bear from his "almost a sleep phase". Munchkin finally settled down close to 9:30 with a little help from DH (I think he started to feel my frustration when I shot him daggers from my eyes as he came in for an impromptu goodnight kiss and got both boys all giggley again).

Anyway, moving forward somethings gotta give. For one I will push bedtime back a bit and I think I'll try quiet time for both boys in Little Bear's room. Hopefully I can get Little Bear sleepy enough to fall asleep during his bottle, and I know Munchkin just wants to be close by even if it's quiet time. Plus maybe it'll be dark/dim enough for Munchkin to go to sleep to. I also read that maybe I could try some room darkening blinds, I'd probably get temporary cause I'm cheep thrifty ;).

Until next time, wish me luck! I'll keep you posted.