Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Those Loungy Weekends

Happy Monday!!! This past weekend we actually didn't do anything and it was wonderful.  As much as I love going to a BBQ, or one of the other millions activities that we have planned for the summer, there is something to be said about just hanging at home.  I can move slowly for one.  I still kind of do the typical things: care for the boys, cook, even a bit of cleaning.  I just get to do it more slowly.  During the week, when I am at "work" I'm in a zone (well I try to be).  If I'm not then I tend to get stuck in the lazy place could be in front of the TV, Computer, or even zoning out in the playroom while the boys get down.  If I keep myself on task, which is tricky to do, then I accomplish most everything.

Anyway back to lazy weekends.  I'm glad we had nothing to do, cause I had a heck of a headache on Saturday that kind of lasted all day.   You know the kind that throbs behind your eyes... ugggghh!!! I went on strike for dinner and DH had to get some things together.  Luckily I keep frozen meals in the freezer for days like these.

On Sunday I felt much better.  I got up and made some butterscotch muffins.  I substituted apple sauce for the oil and used egg substitute as well.  I would post the recipe but DH said they were dry (thanks, in my sarcastic voice).  Munchkin liked them, of course I think the only reason he was partial to them is because he thought they were cupcakes.  Oh well.

A few weeks ago I got a brand new cast iron skillet.  I was watching the Neely's on Food Newtwork and they made something in one.  It made me remember back in the day when my mom and grand mom had one.  It reminded me of some good old fashioned stick to your bones kind of food.  Food that makes the house smell delish, and warms you up inside and out.  Now I realize it's summer, but when I want something, I want it.  It was preseasoned but I still gave it a good rubdown with crisco and put it on the stove on low.  Since is was Sunday (plus since I went on strike on Saturday) I decided to make a yummy dinner of Roasted Chicken with onion gravy, rice and beans, and steamed veggies.  Okay okay... I admit that I made rice and beans from a box, but it's because while I consider my self a pretty good cook, I have not mastered rice.  It's always sticky and clumpy.  Hubby's family is of Haitian decent and rice was a staple in his house growing up.  Sadly rice is not my thing... I can make some good mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. But rice, a food he says he ate almost everyday of his young life is usually not on our menu, unless we have a box of just add water.  Goya is the best ;)

Well now its Monday... back to the daily grind.  A grind that I love by the way (does that sound bad).  I love cooking and taking care of my home with my two little boys close by.  I love that I can decide if I want to finish washing dishes, or stop and race Munchkin with his cars, decide to fold clothes or pick up Little Bear and tickle his feet.  He really does have the cutest feet.
See... aren't these the cutest feet in the world!!!

Anyway until next time, have a wonderful day, week, month, year... LIFE!!

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  1. Yes the cutest! Hope you make many the happy meals in your cast iron skillet.