About Me

Hi!  I'm Leiah, known as Pink Lady in blogland.   I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, and friend to someone special. I am a girly girl who knows how to use power tools. I'm a crafter, scrapper, and DIYer when I find the time. I'm a blogger. I'm a Mary Kay Lady. I'm an educator.

I decided to write this blog as an outlet.  Like my Mary Kay business, I needed something that was mine, pink and girly, and separate from diapers, dinner, and day to day chores.  It has become so much more.   I've shared and vented about my struggles as a mother.  I've bragged about my babies, hubby, and projects around the house, and now it's being used to document preschool at home with my kiddos.  This blog is everything and anything that is going on in my life... A diary of my stay at home mom life.  You will find rants and raves about random things, humble parenting tips, home keeping that works for me, and some other projects that I'll tackle in my Rosey home.

Thank you for stopping by.  Stay a while, smell the roses, and leave a comment please. I really do love to hear from all my Rosey followers.