Thursday, May 31, 2012

So where do I start?  How about with a HAPPY SPRING!!!! Have I ever told you that spring is my absolute favorite season.  The weather is great, not too hot and not too cold.  The flowers bloom and everything looks so fresh and alive after the winter.  Last, but certainly not least... I celebrate my birthday!! Yes, I am now a very happy 34 year old.  Wow, can't believe I'm in my mid-thirties!!! 

How are the boys you ask (hehehe)?  They are wonderful (can you tell I'm in a great mood?) Munchkin is  almost completely potty trained.  We only wear a pull-up for bedtime at night, he's even dropped them for his naps.  He continues to amaze me with his vocabulary and conversation.  It's like talking to a little man.   I wouldn't be keeping it totally real if I didn't say he is currently in his terrible threes.  Yes I said threes.  We sailed through the twos with very mild tantrums that were far and few between.  He was a quiet and very calm two year old.  It is not the case now, we deal with almost daily tantrums, and total failure of his ears to process our request (basically he doesn't listen to a word we say).  When I was a teacher, I prided myself on having great discipline without being mean.  I could handle 20 something tough inner-city 7 year olds, but for some reason I have a hard time handling my one 3 year old, and his 20 month old brother.  

As for Little Bear, I will soon have to start dropping the Little and just call him Bear.  He's getting soooo big.  He's still got a great personality and is mostly always laughing or smiling.  He still doesn't say much, and have started early intervention with him.   Some of my friends laugh, but I want to make sure I offer every opportunity to him to progress.  He is learning sign language, so he's doing much better at communicating his needs and wants, which makes life better for all of us.  I haven't had the heart to cut his hair, so he still sports a curly (albeit messy) afro.

As for me, like I said before I am a very happy 34 year old.  I've never been one to be ashamed or afraid of my age.  I have no regrets in life.  I LOVED my 20's.   I partied like a rock star, traveled like an explorer (well maybe not since I mostly stayed on resorts, except for Paris!!! Loved Paris... but I digress). I dated, and flirted, and did stupid and dangerous things I hope my kids never do.  At this point in life I love being a mom and a wife, and I am extremely happy to be expecting our third addition.  Yes, you read correctly!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! 14 weeks tomorrow, to be exact.  We are due to become a party of 5 November 30, 2012.  I am beyond elated, and yes, this was a major contributor to my 2 month break from blogging, and tot school, and general house keeping, and ummm (I'm not proud) but hygiene as well.  LOL, I've been a total laze ball in sweats and no make-up for long enough.

So I am back and super excited to re-organize, teach tot school, and share our Rosey Glasses summer fun!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Break Is Over!!!

Hello!! I swear I haven't touched a computer in about 2 months.  LOL, I think I needed to escape the outside world for a while.  Anyhow I am back, with lots of exciting activities, and NEWS to share but I want to be able to dedicate an entire post to this.  So for now I'm gonna go stop by all my blogland favs and show some love.  I'll be back to regular posting (which now means once or twice a week) in a few days.  I need to get myself (and blog for that matter) organized!!! Boy oh boy its good to be back!!!