Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Organized Diaper Bag

I find the difference between my packing the diaper bag as a first time mother, and now as a third timer, hysterical.  I used to take everything but the kitchen sink.  I was so worried that I'd need something while we were out and it would essentially make our lives miserable for that (very small) period of time.
I've narrowed down what I typically used to bring to just the essentials. Here's my list of what I try to have in my diaper bag at all times.

Baby Needs:
Diapers (about 1 per hour you"ll be out) Although I usually just bring three.
Mini Wipes Case of course
Diaper Cream
A Changing Pad
A burp cloth
A large receiving blanket that usually doubles as a burp cloth, or a cover for feeding
An extra outfit - Sleep & Play, undershirt ( be sure to change it out as baby grows or seasons change
Extra Bib
A hat and baby mittens

Mommy Needs:
Wallet and car key
Lip gloss
Sometimes an eyeliner
The baby record books for the doctor
Receipt and Coupon holder
Breast Pads
Antibacterial wipes and gel

The Extras:
Boogie Wipes (mostly for Munchkin and Bear)
A baggie filled with mini packets of cleaner, and stain remover wipes

This is everything on the list, plus Munchkin and CJ.
 I know the list seems pretty long, but it all fits neatly in my diaper bag.  When I was searching for a diaper bag while pregnant with the Munchkin, I had one thing on my mind.  CUTE!! I wanted it to be baby cute, so I chose one that was brown and turquoise with a cute little teddy bear. Blah Blah Blah.  It had only one large pocket which basically meant it had zero organization.  Everything was just in there.
I chose this diaper bag for its function and basic style.

Here it is empty, just waiting to be filled with all its goodies.

Here's How I organize my bag.

First, my stuff.  I usually don't take my own separate bag if were going out for a short trip.  This all fits neatly in the zippered pocket in the front.

 Next I fill the two snap pockets in the front of the bag.  One gets the goodies like Boogie wipes (which smell delightful if I may add).  In the other, I place the hat and mittens.


Onto the inside.  In the main space I add the burp cloth and Receiving blanket.  I have a snuggle thing (can't think of the real name) over the baby's car seat, which eliminates the need for a heavy winter blanket.

The two empty back pockets get diaper cream, lotion, and diapers.  I usually bring between 2-4 diapers, since he gets changed right before we leave to go anywhere.

 There is another pocket with elastic in the front (see, lots of pockets = awesome organizing), this is where I keep the extra outfit and bib.

The back open pocket gets the pad and wipes.

There are two side pockets on the outside of this bag.  One is used for antibacterial wipes. I like it here, because it gives me easy access.  My antibacterial gel is a mini one that usually clips onto one of the straps.  The other pocket is currently not being used, but at some point a water bottle or sippy cup will go in there.  I also have a little mini pacifier holder, though It's kind of pointless since CJ doesn't care much for them.

Sometimes depending on where we are going I may bring a toy or throw some extra snacks for the big boys.

All packed up and ready to go!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Quiet Over Here

Things have been mighty quiet here at Rosey Glasses.  I'm imagining virtual tumble weeds.  All for great reason though.  I am enjoying my guys (the big and the littles).  I've been keeping home, playing with race cars and Legos, EBF, and celebrating my wedding anniversary.  Oh, and patiently waiting for Spring.  I've got some big ideas cooking for when the weather gets warmer and I can bring all three outside.

Thanks for stopping by!