Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things That I Thought Yesterday.

Yesterday I realized my brain runs a million miles a minute with totally contradictory thoughts. Here are few... In no particular order:

Why is it so hot at 7am... OMG! (Sometimes I literally think in internet slang)
I wish this kid would stop following me.
Bad mommy
I love that kid so much.
Why, when they have this huge play room are they both right under me.
Shoot, 11 am... What's for dinner?
Can't wait for the beach tomorrow!
Aww, it'll be Little Bear's first time... Sniffle.
Oooh Wall-E is on.. I love this movie, I should DVR it... Munchkin will love it too.
I can't stand these dogs!!!
Fricken fur all over the place.
Wy am I still sweating... Isn't the AC on?
Grrrr...why do I feel like the maid.
I can't believe he doesn't like Wall-E... Crazy kid.
I can't wait till these terrible twos are f-ing over...
Wait then he'll just be older... Aww my babies are growing too fast.
I so lucky to be able to stay home with them.
I need to go back to work!
No I don't!
I wonder how those triplets from the NICU are doing, they'd be the same age as Little Bear now.
Oh My Gosh!!!! What if I had three 10 month olds and a 2 year old... Shaking my head!
Why is he awake already?!?!
Why does he just throw his f-ing clothes all over... Wtf... Grrr.
I need a glass of wine.
Damn it's hot!
So glad this cutie is sleeping.
I love him so much!!
I wanna eat those toes... (proceeds to insert toes in mouth)
Aww I wish Munchkin would come here and give me a hug.
Yay... Beach tomorrow!!!
Should we bring the baby tent?
It's so fricken hot.
So glad to get away from the house with only one child... And yes he's still sleeping.
I love Babies R Us
No I don't need that
Aww that's cute.... No put it back... Stick to the list.
Damn it... Can't believe I left the meat and cheese on the deli counter... F-ing mommy brain
Wow, it's 8 o'clock already.
I hope Munchkin is still up, wait I know Munchkin is still up.
WTF... He couldn't even get his PJ's on!!! Sheesh he only had one kid here.
I'm so tired
Wow... Look at my boys. (imagines them as teenagers, then quickly shakes image away)
I love rocking my babies
Finally quiet.
Aaaaaaaah... Now where's that wine?

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  1. You already know after having four I can completely relate! Take it one day at a time.And at the end of the night when the kiddies are asleep and you sit to blog and take a break have that wine honey!Have a good weekend!