Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movie Marathon

On Monday, Hubby and I went on a movie marathon. We have a very short list of babysitters so getting out more than once a month can be tricky. Sometimes it's a few months before we get out alone. In the summer we like to spend most of our weekends together as a family. Going to the shore, or the zoo, this weekend it's an amusement park. This basically means date days are few and far between.

Like I was saying we decided there were atleast two must see movies this summer and perhaps three. We decided to get a baby sitter for the entire day so we could be home in the evening and kiss the babies goodnight. I hate missing a goodnight kiss.

I imagined seeing the first movie early in the day, then going to get some lunch at a local restaurant then going to see the second. Well, instead we decided to see three movies. This took careful planning and mapping out... we had to make sure we had time for potty breaks, refills on snacks, and buy the tix (we didn't want to buy them all ahaed just in case we couldn't hang.

We arrived at the theater at 10:30am to see Harry Potter 7 on imax in 3D. I of course got a large popcorn and upon seeing a suggestion(advertisement) for topping it with M&M's (i love all things salty and sweet) I added peanut M&M's, along with a large fountain fruit punch. All free refills (which by the end of the day I seriously regretted). Hubby was happy with a nacho and cheese and the waters he threw in my bag before we walked in.

For all you Potter fans out there that haven't seen the movie, go see it now. It was awesome! I laughed and cried while on the edge of my seat for the entire movie (okay actually I was reclined with my feet up, but you get the point). I was totally not disappointed in this great ending to a great series. I did miss about 3 minutes because similarly to a child I couldn't hold it. I blame the large fruit punch.

Next on our list was Captain America.. Hubby and I are into all the super hero movies. We had enough time to visit the potty, purchase tix, refill popcorn, and drinks and get to our seats. Captain America... Hmm what to say. Well it wasn't as good as I thought is was going to be. After watching Thor a couple months ago... I was expecting so much more. It was definitely OK. But I think it missed the comedy aspect of Iron Man and Thor, which left it kind of dry. The kid behind the counter (which we made friends with after all the refills) made the point that since it took place during world war 2 it couldn't be too funny. Well regardless of the reason... the movie was only mildly entertaining. We could have saved our money and watched it when it came out on HBO.

Anyway, off to our last movie. Hubby was winding down and starting to miss the babies (I who see them all day everyday was not). I reminded him that as soon as we got home he'd be ready to go hide from them claiming to need a break and I'd be hanging with them. He conceded, and off the see Transformers we went.. After one more refill of course.

I think both hubby and myself like Transformers so much is because it reminds us of our childhood. I remember Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal, my older brother annoying me.. Ahhhhhh the good ol' days.

I thought Transformers 3 was great... Not perfect, or as good as Harry Potter, but still great. It definitely could have been shorter. I would have really appreciated this since after watching 3 movies in 3D with those glasses on, my head was killing me. But, really it was good and I'm glad We went to see it.

Anyhow, our date day was great... unfortunately I totally paid for the popcorn and fruit punch binge the next day and still am, i've been picking out popcorn kernals from my teeth since) I had a great time, and my husband and I agree that we won't be doing another movie marathon(any time soon) unless it's at home with the babies.

Have a great weekend, doubt I'll be posting till next week. (as if you

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  1. I SO look forward to my date nights, so I'm super jealous that you got an entire movie marathon!
    I love Harry Potter too- I can't wait to get it on DVD.
    Thank you for the beautiful compliment on my post, btw. I actually laughed out loud when I read your comment about them making their own lunch- I feel the same way, lol.
    Stop by anytime!