Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today as I Pushed my double stroller around, I realized that in just over a year I will return to work. Munchkin will be 3 working on 4 and Little Bear will be 2 (yikes!!). Anyway... My district will hold my job for two years and hubby and I like the idea of me having a job waiting just in case. So September 2012 I will Return to the classroom and I'm torn. On one hand I would love to have a reason to get out of the house. To get dressed with make-up, get my hair done (regularly), mmmm get my morning coffee. But I look at my babies and I'm heartbroken that I'll have to leave them. I crave the daily companionship of other adults, to talk (gossip), and to inspire young minds. But can't I inspire my own boys, can't I talk (gossip) over the phone, maybe I could get dressed with make-up at home (yeah right) Uuuggggg!!! But I'd love to have a more shared role with my husband in terms of household duties, and childcare. So torn, so so torn.


  1. First time I have heard that you are a teacher!I am too certified to teach pre k 1st through fourth! I have been out of the classroom two ans a half years. I miss it I miss being outside of the home and loneliness is a big problem. I am making it though.Feel free to email if you wanna I would welcome conversation from an adult as well I am pretty isolated here. Don't feel guilty about goin back to work I have said often I raised four they understand and it will just make your time together even more special. Oh my spelling ans punctuation are horrible you would think because I have taught that it would be better but I just thank God for spell check lol .Have a good rest of the week lady!

  2. I totally understand. I received my teaching certificate days (literally 3!) before my son was born. I was actually relieved to not find a job and be able to sub when I wanted to. Now that I am teaching full time I've found that I cherish and dread the start of each year. I love being a teacher, but I find myself at the end of August not quite wanting to go back because I've enjoyed hanging out all day with my kids!