Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene and the Linen Closet

First I would like to send positive thoughts and prayers to the families affected by Irene (if you don't know who Irene is, I suppose some national news is in order for you). Thankfully the Rosey Family escaped with only flickering lights and a few blocked roads in our area. However, there are many that haven't had power for days, and may not get power again for days. Some folks have lost everything... I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer... I'm just sayin.

Anyway, during the storm my husband and I (mostly my hubby) were glued to the TV for minute by minute details and updates. Have you notice how everyone sports a red jacket and baseball cap during these reports. Anyway, while hubby literally stared at the same reports over and over, I worked on an awesome project. It is so awesome, that it deserves it's own post, maybe later this week. I'm super excited about it... Sooo awesome... My only hint: it had to do with organizing.

Yes, I am still addicted to organizing! Every time I complete a new spacz√Ā     e I think of ten more projects to do. The good news is I've got my days so organized that I actually have time for all these little projects (okay... There have been a few late nights... Just a few). I have also been keeping myself in check so I don't get overwhelmed.

Soooo, last week I left you with a horrible BEFORE of my linen closet, remember this.  Yeah, there were things folded... but just thrown all about.

Now my linen closet looks like this (insert chorus singing):


Still not super proud of the floor... but it is an improvement.

Unlike Little Bear's closet (which took all morning), this only took about an hour. I was blessed to get both boys sleeping at the same time, which made that hour possible. My goal was to get more serious with the organizing. I got the bins from Dollar Tree, that idea came from here. Now I've got the cleaning things and toiletries safely on the top shelf (away from Munchkin, who always wants to help me "cween" these days) The baby items are organized neatly in bins specific to item: receiving blankets, crib sheets, pack-n-play sheets, and hooded towels. I removed some of the unnecessary items like the Snuzzler and other infant type items... Into boxes they went, and moved down to the basement.  I have some bigger baby blankets folded on one side of the next shelf (specific location, so they are sure to get put back in the right location) and other bed linens folded on the other. I actually watched a YouTube video on how to fold fitted sheets... psshh.. I know... But it helped... Look how neat. Towels are on the bottom shelf now and the floor is used for humidifiers, huge extra comforters, and pillows. I still need to figure out something to do with my body pillow I only use while preggers... it's so darn big.

My goal was to get it looking like those magazine pictures... You know all Martha Stewartish. Well I realized in order to get that look all the linens have to match... basically everything has to be the same color... So much for that.   Either way, I am totally excited about how it turned out. Of course since the items have a more specific location it should be farely simple to keep up. Is anyone else out there on an organizing spree? I'd love to here about it.


  1. Totally impressed! It looks very good!

  2. Fab-U-Lous!! Now thats a makeover!!!!Love the color you chose. Everything is so neat and Im glad you got more done its hard with the little ones.

  3. Your linen closet looks awesome! Martha Stewart would be proud! That is really funny that you mention the "all matching linens". I always stare at those magazines and wonder why they look so good!

  4. Thanks so much!!!! I really am enjoying transforming my home.