Friday, August 26, 2011

Making Way

So last post (before Wordless Wednesday... Because that was uuhh wordless) I outlined my super long organizing to do list. I'm a list person... Is anyone else out there a list person? Well I am zipping through my list... Okay, maybe not zipping but definitely moving along nicely.
In this post I'd like to outline the mini projects that have been mostly completed. I say mostly only because there are a few tags and labels  I'd like to make. So without further ado... My progress so far.

First, I finished up Little Bear's closet. As you can see below it was a mess. Way worse than Munchkin's closet. Bear's closet seemed to get all the extra clothes, I figured at some point he'd grow into them so they should stay in his closet... WRONG!!! His closet turned into the dumping ground for all extra and incoming clothing.  The floor wasn't really an issue, it's those darn top shelves that seem to collect everything.

As with any major organizing overhaul the first step should be to set guidelines for what the space will be used for. In Bear's closet I want to use it for current clothing (which is will be hung), clothing we will use for a third (it's still in there with room for more baby clothes to store), and clothes he will fit in about the next 6 months (Top bin).

I decided to keep the clothes for number 3 in the closet simply because I wanted it close when it's time to add my favorite 12m outfits. Where do you keep baby clothes that you want to keep? Anyway, after figuring out what the space is for... Clear it out... completely and wipe it down.

I did major purging of clothes. Before the purge, 1 bin held baby clothes sized P-3m. After the purge 1 bin holds baby clothes sized P - 9m.  I purchased another bin from target (I forget how much).  They are actually under bed storage bins but they work well in the closets too.  I took a few pointers from iHeart Organizing and gave my self a 5 outfit limit for each size group. I also gave myself another rule.   I had to love it, and oh yeah.. I didn't force five things either. Things I thought were nice but didn't make the cut went into boxes for a future boy from a friend or family member, other clothes that weren't too worn went into a donate box. Then I found a home for all the other stuff that was in the closet. Lol... Sometimes the new home was in the trash.  This is after:

Cleaning and organizing is a lot of work, but I feel so accomplished with my finished products.

This week I have also been working on my photos. I realized two things while going through pics. 1) I print way too many photos that never make it into books...smh. 2) Even with the hundreds of pics I sorted through, Little Bear has close to no printed pics... Poor baby, bad mommy.  Anyway, I'm almost done with the print pics and I'll follow up with a post on how that project went.

Before I leave you, I'll show you one more horrible before. My linen closet. The before shows mediocre organizing which I touched on in this post. As you can see the top had all baby things with no specific area (mediocre organizing). Next shelf was a mix of bed linens (can you see the humongous comforter squished in there.  Towels and other random thrown about things are on the third shelf. The bottom shelf held all cleaning supplies and extra toiletries (all in reach of my little guy... this has to change).  On the floor it's just a hot mess.  This will be my task for this weekend, and I can't wait to get started.

Until next time, Leiah ;)

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