Friday, October 7, 2011

Tt is For Transportation

Munchkin is 31.5m

During our Tt is for Transportation week we didn't follow our normal schedule, so I didn't get too many pictures.  I was in the process of redoing our laundry room and it proved to be a big project (which everything is when you have 2 toddlers).  I also (for some strange reason) decided to start potty training Munchkin. Yes I'm insane... I know that now.

Anyway we did get to read Things That Go fifty million times. Munchkin was also able to play with the Cars Tot Book I made for him (which I didn't take a picture of... duh). You can make your own... It's pretty simple I made it on Sunday night while I watched Jersey Housewives (sorry... I love the drama).

For snack one day I made graham cracker traffic lights.  I saw a similar idea using sugar cookies and frosting, but I didn't feel like baking (remember... busy week?), plus I thought the graham cracker and peanut butter would be a bit healthier.  I used chocolate sprinkles and peanut M & M's (yes full of sugar but hey... whatever)

For cooking day we made orange wheels (homemade potpourri).  Not sure if I did it correctly but I was expecting a much stronger orangey cinnamony aroma. It smelled great while baking (really great), but after that it was (still is..) a bit of a disappointment.  But Munchkin enjoyed himself shaking cinnamon, and that's what really matters.

I find when I read posts about what other kids are doing I imagine how Munchkin will play and learn.   It seems as though the kiddos follow the directions perfectly and clean up nicely.  Munchkin almost never uses activities the way I planned.   Sometimes he literally is only interested for a minute or less, then he turns it into his own game or activity.  Take this muffin sorting activity I put together.  I found these transportation erasers at the dollar tree.  I thought perfect for sorting.  Munchkin thought perfect for piling and driving.  I just wanted to add this bit of info because I can snap pics of him doing the activity for one second (which I did).  Then the next second he's is doing his own thing and I just wanted to keep it totally honest.

This week is Uu for Umbrella(weather). We will be following a Fall Unit during all of October.   For more great Tot School posts and ideas check out 1+1+1=1.

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