Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Tour With A Twist: Family Room

Hello, and welcome to the 3rd installment of my Home Tour With a Twist (I've got a half sleeping 1 year old on my chest so this will have to be quick).  This is my Family Room as you enter from the kitchen.

Upon looking at the floor you will usually see two littles playing with cars and trucks (even though they have a huge play room full of toys).

Anyway... back to the tour.  I recently decorated my mantle for Fall.   Up until about a week ago, it looked like this.  Yes those would be Christmas candles from 2010.  Even in it's previous state it looked really bland (and lets not even go there about the red candles).  

Anyway, I picked up some gourds and little pumpkins from Walmart, painted them a mixture of burnt almond paint (it's whats on the walls) and white, as well as sage (it's on the walls in the kitchen).  I added some scented pine cones, and there you go.  I love it, and the pine cones smell delightful.  I know scale wise I need something much bigger, but for now it will have to do.

This is the view as you come in through the foyer.  My husband and I can't decide what to do with the space over the fire place.  I would like to add some trim work, or maybe a huge mirror.  I think hubby wants to place a huge family portrait.  I don't think I'm feeling that idea.  In the future we will probably add custom window treatments... but that will be a costly project... so it will wait.

We used to have a wooden coffee table and end table in here, but it proved to be a hazard to little heads that always seemed to find corners.  The set now lives in the living room which is next on the tour.

When you look from the foyer, to the left you'll see the back staircase.  I have dreams of either some iron art, or a gallery of pics.  What do you think?

It looks like the couch is pushed against the in this pic, but there is actually a walk way, that's been blocked by the pack in play... probably one of the boys did that.

My Plan:  
Aside from adding some decor on the walls, I want to add a large basket for blankets (or some snuggies).  Two story great rooms look nice (to me), but they are pretty darn hard to keep warm in the winter.  I also want to add a nice pop of color, I'm hoping to do this with pillows on the couch.  

Any ideas?  I'd love to hear them.

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  1. You have a beautiful home and I love what you did with the fall decor on the mantle. I need to get to work....I haven't accomplished much on my shelves:) Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Hey I went in to send the email and realized that you were no-reply. Will you email me at my address and I will send you an email about my idea?