Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kitchen Command Center Complete... Kind Of.

Okay... so remember when I laid out a list of projects to do around the house, then remember when Irene came around I said I completed a project that deserved it's own post.  Well, this is that post!  I'm super excited (you're probably not as excited as I am, but that's ok) to show you my completed (kind of) Kitchen Command Center... YAY!

Alright.. now for a little before.

Sorry for the bad lighting... couldn't get the flash to work, and it was dark outside.

Yes... not too bad, I guess.  I did clear it off and make it neater when guest would come over though.  I had an outdated desk calendar, speakers from a computer I don't have anymore, piles of mail, and an incomplete home management binder stuffed there.  The insides of the cabinets was just a kind of throw it area... you know when you can't figure out where to put something.  It's funny we've been in this house for about 2 years now and I never thought to do more with this area in my kitchen.  I used to think,  "Why do I need a kitchen office when we have an office in another room?" or "This will make a great homework area one day when the boys go to school."  Then I saw a really similar area on Delightful Order and I was like oooooh is that what that's for... hehhehe.  So I shopped around my house for some supplies and did a little shopping at Walmart and the Dollar Tree.

The night when Irene came to visit, while my husband sat glued to the news.  I did this.  Just like any organizing project... 1. decide what you'll use the space for.  2. Clear out, purge, group like items together. 3. Find a specific home for everything.  4. Make it pretty. : ).

Here's a little tour of my new Command Center.

In cabinets to the left I have all the chargers, then a small bin for hubby to drop things, the green basket has medicine so I don't have to run upstairs in case a guest needs some.  lol... at the top are some boxes that my hubby will not let go of.  Why he needs them I'll never know.

On the right I keep most of the things I use for preschool at home.  The pink binder has lesson plans and printables.  I have my label maker and tapes (I still need to get a small bin to keep it in).  I also keep a stash of lotions and yes... deodorant... don't laugh.  The red basket has little things I collect that may get used for activities with Munchkin and Bear: bottle caps, buttons, sample packages of model magic... etc.

When I was organizing all my print photos,  I found a family pic with a year at a glance calendar.  I was like PERFECT!!! (in my sing song voice).  I repurposed my outdated desk calendar and turned it into a cute cork board.  At some point I'll post a toturial.  The green box has lots of compartments.  I have lots of pens & pencils, dry erase markers, and sharpies.  It also holds action items that come in the mail.  Not bills, but other things that need to be taken care of.  I also keep tape and scissors in it.  So far Munchkin can't reach them, and yes he's tried.  The silver mesh box came from my craft room and now holds keys and I.D. badges.  I used to keep the flowers on my kitchen table, but I thought they were a perfect finishing touch for the Command Center.  Finally you'll see my home management binder.  I finally finished it and have been using it for about a month.  It's awesome.  I strongly recommend this to anyone trying to organize a family.  I will be posting a step by step in the coming weeks, and sharing my section print outs if anyone is interested.

Just another angle, because I am so excited ; )

I keep menus in the right side drawer.

The center has a few extra office supplies, thank you cards, and my coupons.

I haven't exactly figured out what to do with this drawer.  Right now it has a bag that needs to be returned to Home Depot.  Like I said this command center in kind of complete.  I also am not sure how to utilize the cabinets on the bottem.  Possibly product manuals.. hmmm.. we'll see.  Underneath I keep my bag, diaper bag, and hubby's briefcase when he's home.  It should probably go in the mud room, but that's a whole other project.

And one more money shot : ).

You'll notice there is no chair... that is so no little people can climb.

So that's it folks.  Thanks for stopping by.  Oh yeah, for anyone who cares... I have finally settled on a color for the laundry room.  Burnt Almond by Behr. 

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  1. I envy you our office! You have a great dedicated space to stay organized and pay bills. Ours is a complete wreck because of packing.

  2. This is my current project!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  3. I'm drooling over this's beautiful! :)

  4. Thanks so much ladies... It has been awesome to go through my home and organize.

  5. I wish I had a desk area in my kitchen...they are so useful! You have done a great job of keeping your's tidy:)

  6. Thanks Latoya, when I was looking up command center ideas, I did find a lot of smaller space command centers without a desk area. Try using a small corner of your counter space, and a basket or compartmentalized box.

  7. I am guessing that is your family binder. Do you have a link for that to organize as a "household binder"