Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Letter to Little Bear

In honor of my sweet baby boy (Little Bear's) first birthday, I am writing him a letter.  Munchkin's will follow.  This will definitely have to go into a scrapbook at some point.  For now it will be shared with all who care to read in Blog Land.

Dear Little Bear,
     We weren't exactly planning on a second baby so soon, but we weren't exactly taking precautions either.  I suppose that makes you a sorta surprise.  We found out you were coming a week after Valentine's Day.  I think I knew already.  I had been inexplicably exhausted and sluggish all week.  Daddy and I were so excited.
   When we went to the doctor to see you for the first time, you looked like a little gummy bear... so cute!  During your time camping out in mommy's belly you liked to stay quiet all day and at night you were a party animal.   You bounced and danced all night long.  Sometimes I played you soft music to get you to calm down.
     We expected you to arrive in late October, so it was a big surprise for you to arrive in early September.  Mommy, Daddy, and Munchkin couldn't wait to take home and show you around, but you needed just a bit more time to hang out in the NICU before your journey home.
    Because you arrived so early Mommy and Daddy hadn't settled on a special name just for you yet.  We thought, and thought, but couldn't choose the perfect name for our sweet little boy.  We even involved the staff in the NICU, along with all our family and friends.  Finally we chose the perfect name for you, ten days after you were born. 
     When we finally brought you home we were all so excited.  You settled in nicely and now one year later, I can't imagine life with out you.  Happy Birthday Little Bear.  We love you!!!

Mommy, Daddy, and Munchkin


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