Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Master Binder: Part 2

Welcome to part two of my Family Master Binder Series.  If you missed Part 1: Getting Started, check it out here.  In this post I will focus on the first two sections of my binder.  When I was creating mine, I found it difficult to decide what to add to each section (even with my google stalking).  So here are a few pics and ideas of what to put in yours.  Of course every family and house hold has different needs, so tweak yours to fit your family just right.

When I first open my Family Master Binder I have a cover sheet.  In the pocket to the left are forms that I need to file on my filing day which is Wednesday.

My first section in my binder is my information section.  I used file folders as my section dividers even though I have plastic folders.  I wanted to be able to put a cover sheet for each section and I didn't want to just put it in the pocket.  To make them I just cut the tabbed half of the file folder off (I let Munchkin color on the other side).  Then I used scrapbook paper to cover them.  Last I added my cover sheet.  Extra work?... Yes... worth it for me?... Yes.  Well here is the run down of the information section:

 1. Town Info: the numbers to the police, fire dept., and 2 of my close neighbors.

2. Medical Info: the numbers to our family Dr., pediatrician, dentist, as well as the phone numbers and member ID# to all of our insurance carriers.

3. Employment Info: both my husband and my work numbers and addresses (technically I am still on family leave... we'll see if I ever go back; )

4. Home Info: the numbers/ and websites to our electric, gas, water service, cable Internet & Phone companies, as well as our landscaper and anyone else who we use for service.  I still have to add our plumbers number.  For now it's taped to the plastic folder in this section.

5. I also keep a community guide we received when we moved into the area.  I have also placed the poison control sticker in this section.

 My second section is titled Agenda, let's take a look.

Week at a Glance sheets.  As you can see my weeks are pretty mundane. I suppose once the boys get older and have their own schedules outside the home things will get pretty hectic and these sheets will become more important.  The top portion are blank days of the days of the week boxes.  The bottom portion has quick reminders, a Daily cleaning list, and a weekly chore list for me. 

My daily schedule (I find if I write it down then I'm more likely to stick to it).  BTW, no... I don't always wake up at 6 and work out.

I also keep calendar sheets that I printed for free from Organized Home.  This site is quickly becoming one of my favs.  These are some of the few pages I don't keep in page protectors.  I need to be able to write things down quickly with a pen, sliding them in and out just doesn't work.

I've found that there are lots of resources for print outs for your own binder.  If you'd like more professional looking pages you can purchase some from iheartorganizing.  Mine are similar, just not as nice... lol.  Also Organized Home has some for free but you can't edit them on your computer.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Next week in Part 3, I'll show you my Home Keeping, Food Planning, and Family sections.

Happy Organizing,


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