Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress and a new Project

So a little while back I Told you all about my to do list. Well... Things are moving along nicely. I have completed a few of the tasks. The craft room/guest room closet is done... I even painted it (thanks to The Scott's Crib for the inspiration to do that). I have organized all of the print photos.. Haven't gotten to the scrapbooking part yet... But that will come. My utility closet is complete, and I have created a kitchen command center which I will detail in an up coming post. I'm loving the way things are looking, and I'm feeling all proud of myself... Just like a kid... Lol.

My new focus area is the laundry room. This room I want to totally make over. Come with me as I show you around.

This is the view from the doorway. To the right all laundry.. To the left all dog.

Munchkin likes to "help" do the laundry.

I definitely want to replace the wire shelf. I think I may use this floating one from Ikea.
In an attempt to hide all/most of my supplies I'm also adding a few baskets or bins. I also need to add some kind of window treatment, probably a valance since it's high up and won't attract as much fur. Which brings me to the dogs...

In terms of the dogs... They present a particular challenge in keeping the laundry area clean. The crates are ugly.  I need to find a solution.  Also, have you ever seen Turner & Hooch. You know the shoestring drool. Yes... My dogs have that, and like most dogs they shake all the time... Especially right after they drink water. They also shake (okay this is gross... But I'm keeping it real) ear goo all over.  You can see the speckles all over the walls if you look closely.  It. Is. Disgusting.   Every week I'm magic erasering (my word) my walls to get it off.   With that said, which ever paint I use it will have to be glossy. It has to be easy to clean. I also need to come up with something to contain all of their other things: leashes, meds, cleaners... Etc.

The sink area is a whole other issue. I need a place to house all of the little things that collect there. Scissors, sponges, loose change... It all needs a place to go.

That'd be Mr. Blue hanging out.

I also want to add some fun laundry art. Perhaps some wooden letters, or clothes pin craft. We'll see.

Here is some of the inspiration I've collected from around the web. 

Laundry rooms don't have to be fugly.
Dani NK via Pinterest
love the use of clear glass canisters for laundry room storage.
I don't really use clothespins (except for crafting) but I may add this just for the visual look.   
I want this in my laundry room.  Cheap                  
I think this is such a funny and cute idea.  Pinmarket via Pinterest

So getting these for my laundry room :) #laundry room
Maybe not 4 rows... but definitely 1. via Pinterest 

I love the idea of all of these... cool thing is, I can actually make them... I think.  
I could make this!
Pinterest via simplecrafter

laundry room art
pinterest via
Laundry Room Subway Art Vinyl ( )
I like the hook/knob action on this.  Pinterest via

I'm thinking I'll be using a sky blue color.  Honest Blue from Behr.  We have lots left over from Munchkin's bathroom, so I'll only have to get one more gallon (glossy of course).  I also like the idea of adding pops of bright yellow throughout.  Wish me luck.



  1. Cant wait to see what you do! The laundry area was the last thing in our little cottage I had to do. Alas we leave next month and I cant so I will use your space as inspiration! Im excited!

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  3. Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

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