Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainbow Fish Craft

Tot School

The week before last we did Rr is for Rainbows. We did lots of fun things including reading the story The Rainbow Fish (of course) then making cute rainbow fish out of coffee filters.

You'll Need:
A coffee filter
Washable markers
One wiggly eye
Tin foil

Start by coloring patches of color all over your coffee filter. Use bright colors for best results (yellow doesn't show up well on the brown coffee filter).  Once your coloring is complete use a spray bottle to wet your filter. I let Munchkin shake An old sippy cup full of water on the filter (this worked fine).

 Once your filter is saturated the colors will begin to run together (I had to help it a bit with my finger).  Let it dry completely.  The colors will be much lighter.  Cut it into the shape of a fish.

Then add scales with the tin foil. I put little dots of glue and let Munchkin add the tin foil. Last add the eye and draw a small mouth. Done.  Aren't they cute?


  1. This looks so cute I cant wait to try this! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Finally a use for those old sippy cups! This is an adorable craft, I love the way they look with the sun shining through. Too cute!

  3. Thanks ladies... I hope to add a few more fun crafts here and there.

  4. I am liking the VIEW behind the fishes! NICE.

    Coffee filters are good for all kinds of easy crafts. You can do the same idea and make them into flowers, butterflies, etc. etc. Corinne and I have it on our list to make filters into pumpkins for Halloween. Also, a spray bottle works better in the effect that it only takes a few squirts to get the colors running, which leaves the colors brighter. Just a thought!

  5. @ Tracy I love the view too... One of my favorite things about where we live. Thanks for the tip about the spray bottle... We started with that, but Munchkin wasn't doing so well with the spray bottle. Very cute idea about coffee filter pumpkins.