Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Home Tour With A Twist: The Boys' Rooms

 Hello there!!! Welcome to our Home Tour with a Twist, bedroom edition.  As I've taken you through the rest of our home, you've probably noticed that besides paint... it's a total blank slate.  Well, the boys' rooms are a  tad more taken care of.  You'll notice, that although I love the boys' rooms, there is no design savvy.    We'll start in Little Bear's room and I'll explain.

When you come in through the door you can see LB's crib.  I've placed it at an angle because I love the look of it that way.  When Munchkin was born, hubby and I (mostly me) picked the Kidsline Zanzibar theme.  Everything is Zanzibar.... everything.   Me being the (mostly) practical person that I am (I do have my moments of splurging) everything we used for Munchkin's baby nursery passed down to Little Bear... lol, along with clothes, toys, books, and everything else.  Poor kid... maybe one day he'll get his own things. 

These are LB's crib necessities: his blanket, boppy, pillow pet, pacifier (which stays in the crib) and a Curious George (not pictured).  I know it looks crowded, but that is the only way to get him to sleep.  Can you see the teeth marks from both my little teething babies.

The corner behind the crib is where I hide all the baby things we're not using... until I get a chance to move them to the basement.

I know this picture is horrible... but I couldn't get a better shot and I wanted to show you the window between the glider and crib. 

 In the corner across from the crib is the glider and dresser/ changing table combo.  I've spent many many late nights and early mornings soothing little ones in this glider.   It has a small ottoman, but I have two little dare devils who like to use it like a cannon or in some other dangerous way... so off to the closet it went.

Both my boys at this age enjoy pulling the clothes out of the drawers!
Little Bear is also really into opening and closing doors... it's amazing he hasn't pinched his fingers yet.
Once I stop using the top to change millions of diapers I would like to add a shelf.   For now I'm afraid of bumped heads.

The closed door is the closet (check it out all organized here).  The open door is the bathroom.  Yes... all the bedrooms in my house have a bathroom... awesome for convenience... not so awesome for the person who cleans.  Anyhow, I don't keep too many toys in the kids' rooms which makes keeping them neat pretty easy.  One of those bins has small toys, and the other books.  The wall stickers have been used in 3 different rooms.  We first used them in our other house for Munchkin.  When we moved, the cheapo that I am peeled them off and put them on the wall in Munchkin's new room, and when Little Bear arrived I peeled those suckers off again and re-stuck them in here.  So if you wondering if they are worth the money... Yes!!

This is Little Bear's bathroom.  I say Little Bear's only cause it's in his room, but I only use this one for both boys.  I keep Munchkin's locked; A. so he won't go in there and do crazy things that 2 year olds do, and B.  I can't keep up with all the cleaning, and I really don't think a 2 yr old needs a bathroom of his own.
 So much for Munchkin cleaning up bath toys after bath time!

All their little bathroom needs and things are kept in the medicine cabinet where only I can reach.  

Munchkin's Room is all decked out in Circa sports from Target.  I made a deal with hubby that if I could have Zanzibar when he was a baby (hubby wanted a sports nursery) then his next room could be sports. So here it is.  

Munchkin's room is pretty much identical to Little Bear's.  One wall with windows across from the closet and bathroom.  Here's his closet if you want to check it out.  I didn't take pics of the windows because of the glare (like in Little Bear's room).  I also forgot to do pics of Munchkin's bathroom but it's painted light blue and has Target's Ducky theme going on.
I took this pic standing in front of his dresser.
We skipped getting a toddler bed because I figured he'd only use it for a year or two and we'd be buying another anyway.  
The boys fooling around... seconds later there was a huge fight over that pillow pet that happens to be Munchkin's.
The Munchkin's dresser and bedroom door.

On the corner next to the dresser are Munchkin's books.  I need to find a better system.  I'm thinking Ikea spice racks... but I've been seeing some other cute and inexpensive book storage ideas... so I'm holding out.

 So as you can see we used absolutely no design skills for these rooms.  Everything is completely store bought and designed.  Well my friends, that is about to change.   No not the entire rooms, but I'd like to add some personal touches to each room.  

The plan for both these rooms:
Add name art on the walls (Munchkin's in bright red)
Find some fun art for them, and ways to display their own art.
I want to hang different sports balls from the ceiling in Munchkin's room (over the reading corner), and perhaps some stuffed jungle animals in LB's room.
Add shelving over both boys' dressers for small details and family pics.
I also want to get door signs for both boys.

What Are your ideas?  Seen any good reading nooks around?

Here's the rest of the home tour room by room if you want to check it out.


  1. Oh, they have big bedrooms:0 I think I have pinned a couple of reading nooks, I will take a look and email them to you:)

  2. We now are the proud owners of a utility sink again. The best thing about the whole project was the cleanup, which I did not have to do in the downstairs bathroom sink.

  3. I love the sizes of your boys rooms! I love the sports theme... very colorful and baby boys room is precious too! I'm working on more art for my infant son's nursery, an alphabet chart, some shelves and maybe even doing his name with wooden letters. I wish I had as much space as you have to work with.

  4. Thanks Ladies...
    @ Latoya I checked out your pins!! fabulous... never thought of adding a tent... he would love a reading fort.. scheming of plans now.
    @ summer, I actually have wooden letters for Munchkins room, except they are covered and modge podged with all Zanzibar animal characters because I made them when he was a baby. Trying to figure out how to re-do them... maybe just paint them red... but afraid it'll look sloppy and I really don't want to have to buy letters for both boys again.

  5. I love love the big boy room and you have some great sized rooms I am jealous!