Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Goodness!

My goodness... I feel like I've been away for too long!! I haven't disappeared, just trying to get a handle on things at the house.  I am exhausted these days... with decorating, cleaning, cooking, training (yes... still potty training... and yes it still sucks!!!), and tot schooling I haven't gotten a minute to post.. well I guess I have a few minutes.. so I'm sneaking in this post in today... Did I mention I'm trying to plan my Mary Kay Open House?!?!

Ever feel like things are just getting all out of control.  I'm behind on laundry, and cleaning seriously... so I must devote most of my time to that recently.  Anyway.. I've stopped by a few of my favorite blogs... and I love what I'm seeing!!! All the color, organizing, and decorating has my heart all a twitter!  Anyway, just in case you were wondering I'm still here, just all over the place at the moment.  Hopefully I'll be back with a real post soon, with some great updates on what I've been up to.  And my minute is gone.. I think I just heard a bucket of blocks being dumped out!  Gotta Run!

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  1. Wow good luck with the potty training. I had two lil boys as well and boys seemed to be more difficult.Good luck!