Monday, November 7, 2011

Mudroom Update.

Remember my bare mudroom, and messy closet.  Well I took care of the closet... Check it out here, and I have finally gotten around to fixing up the rest.  It's still a work in progress.  I'm working on some fun family art for the walls, but take a look so far.

 I've added two rail hooks. I wanted to make sure Munchkin had easy access. I'm trying to teach him to hang up his things.

I scored the umbrella stand from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for %40 off.   Don't you love clearance!!!

I also got to use my %20 off coupon on the door mat.   Hoping this baby saves my wood.

Stay tuned for some fun family wall art that I'll be adding.  I'm just looking for a frame that will work.

Thanks for reading,

The Pink Lady


  1. I love the hooks! I have been thinking of adding some to our entry way because our closet is stuffed full of other stuff that needs a home and the coats just get in the way. Or I could add the hooks to the back of the closet. I havent decided yet though:) Looking good!

  2. Thank you.. found them at Target.