Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Other Two Babies

So as you know I have two babies.  My Munchkin who is 2 years old, and my Little Bear who is 9 months old.  Well I also have two other babies, Pink and Blue.  Pink and Blue are both blue nose American Pit Bull Terriers.  Blue nose just refers to their coloring, a bluish gray color.  Blue is solid blue nose and pink is blue brindle.  

Years ago (I guess 4) my husband (at the time boyfriend) said he wanted to get a Pit Bull.  Even though I was a dog lover I had some biased about the breed and was totally against it.  I was really annoyed and thought he was just trying to be a tough guy.  But he/we did a lot of research.  DH brought me to meet friends of his that owned a pit bull along with having 3 small children.  This dog was huge and as he lay his head on my lap and drooled while I pet him, all I could think about was how he could probably rip my head off if he wanted.  With that said he was a great dog.  He was gentle with the kids, and very obedient.  His owners emphasized the importance of responsible dog ownership with any dog, and while they trusted their dog.  He was still a dog and was not ever left alone with the kiddos.  After much more research we decided with a breeder in California (we didn't want to risk adopting a Pit Bull with a questionable past).

Blue arrived in January 2006.  We had to pick him up from the airport.  He was such a cutie.  For some reason I can't find any of his puppy pictures but trust me... it was love at first sight.  I guess the reason for his name is Obvious.  His full name is Blue Eyed Bandit.  He is the biggest lap dog ever (well at least that I know).  He can be pretty rambunctious at times.  But as Ceser Milan says "a tired Pit Bull is a well behaved Pit Bull."  and this is true.. so a quick run outside will settle him.

We brought pink home in April of 2008.  I was getting the itch to be a mommy so I decided to settle for a new puppy.  Funny how life works, 2 1/2 months after we brought her home I found out I was preggo with Munchkin.  I always joke that she almost never made it to our family.  We purchased Pink from the same breeder since Blue was such a good boy.   This is the picture the Breeder sent us.  Look at her face... I love it!!!

When Pink came home to us she was a teeny tiny thing but she still held her own with Blue.  It's funny cause even though she's smaller and younger than Blue, she is the Alpha dog in our house.  "Who run's the world? Girls"  in my Beyonce voice... hehehe.  Pink is very gently with Munchkin.  I think since she's a female she knows he's a baby and she treats him like it.  We don't let Blue play too much with Munchkin, like I said he's rambunctious and might accidentally hurt him.  It's all about responsible dog ownership.  Pink prefers to keep to herself most of the time and she is very protective.  I always tell hubby, if I ever have to walk down a dark ally (probably never) I want Pink, as Blue is likely to run away from an assailant.

When we first moved to our new house, the dogs moved to our basement.  I had a small baby (Munchkin) and a monster commute, close to two hours each way.  I just couldn't take on the responsibility for them.  We bought huge kennels to contain them and give them room to walk around (and to ease our conscience for leaving them down there.)  Recently we decided to re-civilize them, they'd started to just go when they felt like it instead of waiting for a walk, and I just felt horrible about their quality of life.  2 short walks and only a few minutes of play time with us (they also had lots of toys since we felt bad about not playing with them).  A few weeks ago we moved them upstairs into the laundry room.  I think everyone is happier.  Munchkin loves having them around.  The doggies love to hang out, and once in while I let Blue climb in my lap and lick my face to his hearts content.

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