Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best Day Ever!

Today was a wonderful day!!!! I mean these are the days my hubby and I will look back upon and just smile. We visited the zoo today! I don't have pics up yet... But I promise they will come soon.. And it will be tricky since I promised hubby not to post pics of the kiddos on the Internet anymore :( He is extremely untrusting of the world and I respect that.

Okay so back to the best day ever. First my son, Little Bear, slept from 8:00 until 6am. This is unheard of. He hasn't ever slept that long well maybe once... No nope never!!!! I mean the kid didn't didn't even fuss and wimper. Usually if he doesn't actually wake up, he fusses or cries for a minute or two and falls back to sleep (which means I wake every hour or so even if only for a minute) But last night, last night he slept! God seriously answered my prayer. I literally was close to crying as I lay my head down exhausted looking forward to another night of either sleeping on the small couch in our room holding Little Bear or walking back and forth down the hall to comfort him when he wakes. So I prayed. I don't always pray, sometimes I pray for other folks, but last night I prayed for myself, I just wanted to sleep. I needed a night, I wished / prayed for Bear to sleep until at least 6. And he did. The crazy thing is here and there he'd sleep till like 4 or 5, but I'd keep waking since I've been so conditioned to wake up at hourly intervals. Anyway... The kid slept and I slept and too.

In the morning I drank coffee, we dressed, and happily drove to the zoo. Munchkin had a wonderful time, but I think my hubby had an even better time. This is one of things I love about him. He is such a kid at heart. The weather was perfect... PERFECT!!! We got some pretty good pics (like I mentioned, I'll get some up ASAP) Munchkin doesn't do pic very well. He mostly just stares with his mouth open, or he starts to cry... So most of our family pics are well kinda of funny.

After a great day at the zoo with only one minor melt down from munchkin (at his nap time) we headed to a local nursery to pic up some plants. We used some coupons and got 50% off... yay!!!

Back at home we had a great chat outside with some neighbors that reminded me why I love where I live so much. After getting the boys in pj's, hubby and I enjoyed some frozen PF Cheng's (btw... Love these for a quick meal)

I am now laying next to my sleeping husband on the couch, eating a 100cal popcorn, watching 2012, and blogging... Oh yeah... And hoping I get another good night of sleep ;)