Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The damn bugs!!

 Last week I saw a humming bird, an actual humming, hovering, tiny humming bird! This may not be exciting to you, but I had never seen one before then. Once in a while I see foxes, and pretty often I see deer in my yard. I've seen lots of different colored birds (sometimes makes me think of getting into bird watching... maybe not), and the butterflies are gorgeous. I can't be sure, but I think I've seen a hawk. I've never seen a bear, but my neighbor said they did. I say all this to say how awesome it is to live out in the country. I get go see so many beautiful living things, and I love pointing them out to my son. I love love love it, except... for the damn bugs.

I've seen an equal number of insect species as I have cute furry and feathery ones. I'm not particularly afraid of bugs... I just don't like them. At the risk of sounding to girlie... They're gross. Spiders, beatles, flys, stink bugs, ants, mosquitoes and all the other little critters are just one big ol' pile of yuck! Luckily, they tend to stay outside and I can tolerate them out there. But here and there they make there way in the house. I take serious offense when they are in one of my babies' rooms. The pest will quickly receive a sentence of death by shoe, or rolled up magazine. Uggggg... I get the hebbee gee bees just thinking about them. One the other hand...

I also love the view from just about every side of my house, especially the back. The first time my husband and I walked through our home, I imagined sipping coffee at our table and gazing outside. I am happy to say I've done it many times. In the fall the colors are frickin' amazing. After a good snow, it looks like a winter wonderland (remember when Lucy first went through the wardrobe... Yeah, like that). in the spring and summer the hills are covered with thick greenery so bright it makes me truly believe God must have been an artist.

If only I was a good photographer, perhaps I could do the view some justice... sigh.
If it weren't for the damn bugs, this place would be utopia (small exaggeration). The bright side of thousands of bugs... (I really try to find the bright side of everything) lightening bugs, or fire flies for some of you. On any given spring evening it looks like a thousand tiny camera flashes all firing at the same time. Think super bowl during the winning catch. I love it, and wish I had a camera that could capture it. I guess the damn bugs aren't all bad...

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