Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Look What I Found!

A couple a weeks ago I decided to complete the chore that I hate doing... Cleaning out the car.   For anyone out there who has children or lives in their car (with a long commute), you will understand. I used to clean out the car every week over the summer (when I had one child). Wash down the dash, radio, and steering wheel with lysol wipes, and vacuum all the stray Cheerios. I haven't cleaned the car in months and this is what I found.

Every time I look at this picture I giggle to myself.  There were no less than 7 empty juice boxes, probably a zillion old cheerios (small exaggeration), a  Mary Kay card, coffee cups, toys, empty water bottles and so many other things.  You could look in this picture and play Where's Waldo.  LOL!! Can you find the mitch matched mittens? or the crumpled Dunkin Donuts Bag?  While it is slightly embarrassing to post this, I know I'm not the only one who has a car that gets a bit out of control.  

Next I will clean out my purse, and may or may not post a pic ; )


  1. Life happens honey its ok !You are a mom with two very young children.

  2. Thank you... I needed to hear that after the day I had today.