Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Party Planning Overdrive

Well folks in just under 5 days we will be throwing Munchkin his Disney Cars birthday bash.  I can't wait! I am totally overwhelmed, and my to do list has been growing longer and longer.  To top it all off Munchkin has seemed to reach the terrible two's late or is he early for the horrible, annoying, monstrous, doanythingtogetonmynerves threes!?!? 
And am I the only one who still invites (or excepts friends of friends invites) with a week left to party?!?! I'm crazy I know... it just, the more the merrier!... right?

Anyhow, I've been skipping tot school and I will probably skip blogging for the rest of the week.  However...  I will be sharing all (well most) of the party pics when I return. 

To make my life slightly easier today I will pre mix all the dry ingredients for the cake and cupcakes (also corn bread, I think it'll go great with my chili bar).  I've decided on chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling and white chocolate butter cream frosting.  I CAN NOT WAIT to stuff my face.  I know I know, not so healthy, and my mom thinks I'm gonna put all the kids on a sugar high, but come on... strawberries are a fruit, and birthdays are once a year.  I am also planning on pre-chopping and shredding anything that I can. My goal is to not do anything but frost cupcakes, and place balloons, and set up (not cook) the food on the day of the party.  Wish me luck.  Last year things did not go as planned... do they ever?

Anyway, like I said I will be MIA until sometime next week.  I'm sure I will spend the first half of next week feverishly cleaning up after the bash.  Have a wonderful remainder of the week.  

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