Monday, January 16, 2012

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Hey all!! Sorry I missed you on Friday (lol, you may not have noticed I didn't post a Friday Five).  The boys were in rare form, and I had a serious case of writers block?!?  Anyway, I can't wait to show you what I did this weekend.  

So in my last Friday Five, I explained how I'd like to take care of me a little better.  Give myself a bit of pampering here and there.  Well a side from giving myself a full Mary Kay  Miracle Set treatment here and there, I also decided to get back to giving myself spa treatments.  You know foot soaks, and all.  Well I happened to be searching for race car party ideas (the Munchkin is turning 3, more on that later...), anyway I found this on one of my bloggy friend Latoya's Page.  

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I am easily distracted so while it had nothing to do with race car parties, I decided to take a closer look.

Your very own salt scrub?!!?! I have got to try that... and I did!!

Years ago I used to get this scrub from Bath & Body Works.  It was a lavender scented sugar scrub, and it used to make my skin feel so smooth and smell delish!! Problem... it was $20 a jar.  Also these days hubby and I share a car, so trips to the mall during the week don't happen, and honestly... taking an almost 3 year old and a 16 month old are hardly my idea at a fun trip to the mall.

Anyway... here's what I did.  During my trip to the super market I bought the following: Raw sugar (I was trying to imitate my fav from BBW), Grape seed oil (okay in the original pin it says olive oil, but I forgot and figured I just pic any kind).  The Sugar was $2.99, and the oil was 4.99.  You see where I'm going with this???

When I got home and re-read the pin I saw that you could use almond oil or olive oil, as luck would have it, I actually had a bottle of a body oil mix (almond, olive, peanut... and Vitamin E).  I grabbed this bottle, my bottle of lavender essential oil, my new purchases, and a random glass jar that I had just sitting around waiting to be used.

Sorry the pic qualities aren't so great... I did this at night.

I bought the Almond mixture from a natural health food store, I think it was around $7, I typically add this to bath water (I get really dry skin in the winter).  The essential oil came from the same store for $9.99 (I know because the price sticker is still there), yes sounds like a lot for such a small bottle (it's the little dark brown one).. but you really only use a few drops at a time.  I've been using drops like crazy: in the bath tub if I take a soak, in shampoos and conditioners, lotions.. you get the idea.. I love the smell of lavender and the bottle is still filled to near the top.

I added equal parts of the almond oil, and grape seed oil.  Notice the jar isn't even half full?  If I was to do it again I'd start with less oil.  Possibly 1/4 cups of each oil (or you could just do 1/2 cup olive oil).
Then I added about 5 drops of essential oil.

Then I started pouring my sugar in.  Not sure how much... maybe a cup and a half (maybe 2?).  I just kept pouring until it was at the top.

And that's it.  Voila' !!! I tried it right away on my hands, and could not stop rubbing them together and smelling them (sounds crazy right?).  Later on in the shower I gave myself the spa like scrub my dry skin has been needing.  OMG!!  I am so excited to have found this.  I will never go back to store bought scrubs.  This was so simple and inexpensive to do.

If you count what I spent at the grocery store it cost me $7.98, compared to $20 for a smaller jar!!!  If you add in the other oils I used the total is $24.99... but I have so much leftover I could make this at least three more times... and still have PLENTY of essential oil left!!! I may start getting creative and add some aloe, or maybe combine some other kind of essential oils for different scents.

Hope you enjoyed!! I really encourage you to try this! I can't wait to get in the shower again ; ).

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  1. Ooooh, I used to use the same scrub from Bath and Body too! That look like it feels so good:) A great way to start of the year, pampering yourself does wonders for your health. I am going to have to try this girl. You should share this with us over in the challenge;)

  2. I LOVE SCRUBS... THis is a great recipe.. I love that you added almond oil to the mix too.. ;)) Have to try this one sometime.. Thanks so much for sharing.. ;)) I am Marilyn ; )) Your happy Newest Follower Here.. Hope you can stop in sometime and visit via .. Have a happy week.. ;))

    PS: I have a Valentine's LOVE CHALLENGE if you are interested in joining in.. Please stop in and check it out.. TY..

  3. Thanks ladies.. I have been using this everyday, something I didn't do with the store bought one because of the price. I'll be linking soon Latoya!! and Thank you so much Marilyn for following.

  4. I made this and used it. I think its great I going to experiment with other essential oils.