Thursday, January 19, 2012

Healthy Snack Chart

See that.  That is one step towards eating healthier in our home.  I am a snacker, I could eat all day long... seriously I could.  Some times I do.  I'm the type that opens to fridge or pantry and stands there thinking of what to eat.  Then I come up with some unhealthy combination of things.  So I came up with this chart to put in our pantry.  I know that these foods are in my home (most of the time), I just think of this as a reminder.  Hopefully it will help keep me focused on healthy snacking.  I added the calorie count because my hubby likes to know that kind of stuff (he's a numbers guy).  I made two different sections (us and them) because the boys' don't typically eat the same things we do and vice versa.  Also for some reason, on the rare occassion I am away with out the boys, my husband still calls me to ask what he should feed them... smh.  Anyway, I'll let you know how this is working out for us.  

Are you a snacker?, if so what healthy tips do you have?


  1. Girl say it again I gained six pounds from Thanksgiving til now! We are strictly watching every calorie as well and we did a cleansing before we started !Oh t.m.i just lettin ya know we are so with you! lol

  2. This is a great idea and I'm definitely going to put it to use. That way I can "keep" my husband from eating all of Boom Boom's snacks! I love hearing about everyone's progress towards healthier lifestyles!

  3. LOL @ Comeca... The weight I lost going to the gym is all back after those holidays.. and I love doing a cleanse as long as its not for too long... headaches and grouchiness don't mix well with little ones.

    Latoya!! I told my hubby about your lower meat plan and he said he's in!! I think we will try no meat twice a week to start.

  4. What a fantastic idea - as of February 1st, I am giving up fast food, ice cream, carbonated drinks, bread and fried foods. I am not a calorie counter but I know that giving up these things helped me lose 38 pounds before my wedding. A chart would really help keep me in line. Thanks for sharing.