Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five: 2012 Must Do

Welcome to the first Friday Five of 2012! Today (tonight actually) I'd like to share five things I'd like to do this year... Think bucket list minus the dying part.

1. Take a family vacation! The hubs and I haven't been on vacation together since we went to Europe just 4 months after meeting. Ok ok we did go to Niagara Falls about 4 years ago.. But that's it. This year I want to go any where as long as its at least two nights, and out of state (I won't push it with out of the country).

2. Complete some kind of wood working project. A bench or maybe shelving for one of our powder rooms. Maybe even stools for the vanity area in the master bathroom (not yet on the tour). I don't have a powered saw or any serious tools besides a power drill and hand saw, so this will have to take a bit planning and budgeting.

3. Take an overnight trip away from my three favorite guys. I love them but I need some me time. This will be difficult for me, I've Only been away over night from home (alone)on two occasions: when I went to the hospital to have Little Bear, and when I was stranded at my moms house after sliding into a tree. Neither of those times was I relaxing with a girlie drink and enjoying myself (not that having a baby is bad.. But, yOu know.)

4. Get back to date nights (or days) with hubby. When Munchkin was born, I made a great effort to set-up a date night every month. I was pretty good, we enjoyed a night out alone and it felt great. 2011... Not so much. 2012... Watch out world here we come!!!

5. Take better care of myself. I don't think I've totally let myself go, but I'm on the verge. The other week I was getting my hair done (this is rare, it was for Christmas), and I was telling my hairdresser/friend about before marriage and kids I bought a new outfit almost everytime I went out. I also had standing appointments for my hair, nails, and toes. I'm lucky now if I paint on some polish at all. Forget about clothes, whenever I plan on getting myself something I always think of something the boys or the house needs and I Pass it by. I've started going to the gym again...3 times a week (there was a time I'd go everyday after work). I've been doing well with keeping up with my skin care (a must for a MK Lady). But I need to do a better job. I need to start making better eating habits. I want to start scrapbooking and doing other things I used to love doing. My guys need a happy and healthy me, and while I'm sure my little guys don't mind.. My big guy would love to see me a tad more put together when he gets home:).

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

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  1. Your goals sound awesome girl and I need to do all of the above as well. Please please keep us abreast of your "you" changes. I want to encourage any and everyone with their health goals this year and you can link up your progress each month at my Healthier Crib and Family Challenge link party:) It begins on Jan 16th and their will a prize for one lucky person each month:)