Friday, April 1, 2011

Finding Time for Skin Care

Last summer I was pregnant.  I didn't feel like moving let alone taking time to take care of me.  Then I decided to sell Mary Kay.  I thought a little extra money can't hurt, and I like those products anyway.  So I met with a very excited Mary Kay lady and signed up.  In a few days my starter kit arrived and I did what any warm blooded woman would do... I played with my stuff.

I started really looking at my face.  I could see the signs of a summer of no sun block, rarely removing make-up (if I even had any on).  I wasn't happy.  I already felt as big as a house, and blotchy, dry skin didn't help.  I started making sure that at least once a day, I'd give myself the royal treatment.  After my little munchkin went to sleep was my time.  I used my complete miracle set.  I immediately felt results.  My skin felt so much more smooth.  Then I started to notice the not so blotchy look, basically just healthier.  From then on, I've been hooked.

When I started really getting into doing facials for my friends and family the number one concern was when do you find the time to do this twice a day?  The following is a list of humble suggestions.   I realize everyones situation is different.  This is how I find the time.

In the mornings I've started using the facial cleansing bar. It's in the shower so it's like feeding two birds with one seed.  When I get out I use a my Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15.  Simple and to the point.  I can start the day with clean, soft, skin.  I may or may not put on foundation and color, that depends on my mood and the moods of my two little ones.

I do my night time routine throughout my favorite TV shows.  I also use my travel roll up bag to keep things organized.  There are a lot of different products to use and it can be confusing remembering which order you're suppose to put everything on.  I have my bag organized into sections.
In the first section is my Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover, 3-in-1 Timewise Cleanser, and Satin Lips Mask.  If I'm going to do satin lips, I put my Satin Lips mask on first (This saves time since you can rinse it off with your cleanser), If I have eye make-up on I remove that then wash my face (and rinse satin lips).  This can all be done during one commercial break.

The Next section has special treatments... masks, essences... ect.  The next commercial break is for applying any mask I may be doing (this probably only happens once or twice a week, I'm using the Even Complexion Mask now).  By the next commercial break it's time to rinse and apply any essence or replenishing serums.

The Third and Fourth Bags have my day/night solution, moisturizer, and eye creams.  Those are easy to apply during another commercial break, add my satin lips balm and I'm done.  If I feel like it I might also give myself a satin hands treatment.  Love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!

By the end of my show (Grey's Anatomy, Glee, ect...) My skin feels smooth and soft and I feel like a girl again.  I don't have to miss out on anything (I can't stand commercials) and since I'm awake watching TV, I can also be awake taking care of me.  It is immensely important to remember to take care of yourself.  As mother's we spend so much of our time taking care of everyone else, that we often forget about ourselves.  YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have to be honest.  Every once in a while, I have a particularly rough or tiring day and by the time I get my Munchkin and Little bear to bed,  I can barely make it to my own bed before passing out.  Or there was that one time after a wedding and open bar that well... let's just say I slept in my make-up that night.  No one is perfect!

I hope these little suggestions have been useful.  If you have any questions about skin care, or need help customizing the perfect routine for you visit me here!!!!

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