Monday, August 5, 2013

Kitchen Art Center

It's August!!! You know what that means, Kitchen Overhaul Time!!

As the first stop on my Kitchen overhaul I'd like to share with you our Kitchen Art Center.  I added this sometime last year, although I can’t quite recall when.  This area only needed a quick wipe down since it is pretty easy to keep organized.  Of course I first saw this idea perusing Pinterest, and I jumped on it!! The original post is from Modern Parent Messy Kids... Go check it out.

The shelf l used is from Ikea.  I believe this is the Ekby shelf and brackets with the Bygel rail and plastic containers.

The plastic containers are holding erasable color pencils, pipsqueak markers, crayons, and dry erase crayons.  I love the cups because it’s easy for the boys to clean up.  On the shelf I keep a supply of papers, finger paint, tape (so I can quickly display works of art), extra markers, dry erase wipes, stamps, paintbrushes, glue, and scissors.  I already had the little tin buckets, got them from Target way long ago.

You may have noticed that it's pretty high up.  I DO NOT want my kiddos having access to art supplies whenever they feel like it.  These are by request only.  

This was the easiest project ever.  It makes art really simple.  Like, I'm making dinner and Ace is whining and Bear is getting into something (any and everything).  Me: "Hey guys, you want to dot paint?" Instant quiet... And very close to where I am, so I can keep one eye on them.

It's also convenient when we are doing a real deal art or school project.  The pocket chart is there, and I can grab scissors or glue sticks easily.  While we do have a lot of other art and school supplies (kept in another cabinet), these are our most frequently used supplies.  I love this so much that I added the same center to our playroom!  

What are some ways you like to store and organize art supplies?  Leave a comment and let me know.  If you like what you're reading, how about liking the Rosey Glasses Facebook Page, or Following us on Twitter!

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  1. Nice. We have a small shelf in our schoolroom with art supplies. I initially kept supplies in our coat closet in the living room so the girls could easily access them. You do a nice job organizing!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! We used to keep our supplies hidden away and they just weren't being used enough... Now we do art a lot more!