Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laundry Room Reveal

Originally Posted October 2011

Last week I was pretty quiet on the blogging front, but for a very good reason. I have completed my new and improved laundry room. It was a lot of work (isn't everything with two very small boys?), I mean ugly work. You know, the kind of work when your sweaty, your hair is in a messy pony tail, you've got hubby's old paint cover t-shirts on. Yes... It was ugly work, but soooo worth it. I am in love with my new space. Come on, let me give you a tour.

This was the view from the door... Remember?


This is what my space looks like now. I breath a little happy sigh whenever I enter now.

I chose to go with Behr's Burnt Almond. I had hopes of maybe Honest Blue because we had some left over from another project, but it was flat and I needed a semi-gloss. I also toyed with the idea of pink stripes because I love all things pink... But my husband (who is not into pink as much as I am) shot that idea down pretty quickly. Pshhh, like he even does laundry... Anyway, we have Burnt Almond in our main living areas so I knew I would love it.

When I first decided to re-do my laundry room, I really thought about how to make it as functional as possible. I knew it needed to be easy to clean, and organized. I also wanted to make sure I could neatly and nicely find a home for everything. Enter baskets! I found these baskets at Walmart. They came in sets of three. I bought two sets... I used some of the extras in other areas of my home.

I replaced the wire shelf with this Lack shelf from Ikea.  While I was at it, I lowered it to make it more functional for me.  I'm actually 5' 7" and I still had to get on my tippy toes to reach the other shelf.

I also made this valance from some curtains we weren't using.  I just cut the bottom off and used hemming tape because I'm not a big sewer.   I added these cute flowers made from an old t-shirt. I followed this tutorial from Delightful Order.  I adjusted mine a bit for the size I wanted.

I knew I wanted to use glass jars to hold my borax, lol... I typically store clothespins with my craft things. But this idea from Delightful Order was so cute, they have a new home in the laundry room.

My little painted jar vases are one of my favorite additions to the laundry room. I made different shades of pink with some leftover paint from my craft room. After the jars were painted I just wrapped some hemp cord around the opening, and used hot glue to hold it in place. I think they add the perfect touch of femininity and are perfect for holding my roses. They were super easy and wallet friendly too.

I added storage over my sink because (in my very humble oponion) sponges laying on the sink looks sloppy.  My bloggy friend MeMe gave me the great idea to save cute jars and paint the lid to hold things. I think I'm going to keep the loose change I find in one, and possibly sewing things in the other. No, I'm not a big sewer, but I can replace a button or fix a sock with a hole.

I found lots of cute missing socks ideas on Pinterest. I made this one using chalk board spray paint, a dollar store frame, and my new favorite craft purchase... Chalk ink markers. I tied the ribbon to little screws I put in the wall and used my clothespins to clip some socks... Is it crazy that only my husbands socks ended up here.  

I used the same method and materials to make some wall cute wall art.  BTW, do you see the red handle from my mop sitting there in the corner.  I need to keep it there, when the dogs drink they make a huge mess and I need it close, also the floor get s mopped once a week.  I just haven't been able to figure out a place to put it.  I thought of hanging it but the hole in the handle is awkward and won't hang right on the hooks I have.  Any ideas out there?

Latoya over at the Scott's crib made some super cute wall art using toilette paper. I borrowed that idea and made some fun wall flowers. Perhaps I'll add a how to later this week. I added a few for some cute accents around the space.

And one more pic just because I love it so!

So that's it, hope you enjoyed my little tour (well, I guess that was an exteamly long tour).  Now for my next project... Hmmmm, I'm thinking some mudroom love.  What do you think?

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  1. I'm sad... very sad.... I WISH I could have a beautiful laundry room like that!! Your hard work really paid off!!

  2. I envy your laundry area too! That space is great! The touches of pink are positively cute! Sorry the puppy baby has the

  3. I LOVE it! I found your blog via the Bowl full of Lemons link party and am so glad. I feel absolutely inspired, and may even paint my own laundry room Burnt Almond. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you ladies... everytime I finish a new space it makes me smile.

  5. Love this room! Everything is so cute...I actually might not mind doing laundry if I had that room! Saw ur blog over at the Scott's Crib! Great feature! Your newest fan!

  6. Thank you Sherika... it does make laundry just a bit more pleasant.

  7. I love what you did in your laundry room. It's so pretty. I love pink too and I really like your jars with the pink lids!

  8. Pink is my fav! I need pink in this house full of boys!! lol

  9. Nice laundry room. You did a great job!

  10. I've really been enjoying your blog. Been catching up a bit this morning. I really NEED to start organizing my stuff. My laundry room and office are at the top of my list.

    1. Thanks... That means a lot! Good luck with your projects... One step at a time.