Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stuck In A Slump

I'm guilty.. of being a total lazy bum.  I have been stuck in a slump, just can't get motivated and moving.  During the last few months my husband and I experienced something I wouldn't wish on anyone and I've been pretty down because of it.  I mean eating junk, watching TV, and barely keeping up with household chores.  I wish I could sleep the days (hurt?) away.   I've been forcing myself to do Tot School with the boys but because my heart isn't in it... neither is Munchkin's and he's been totally acting out.  I've even done a few fun things like fun family Valentine's Day... but, during nap time, when I usually try and be some what productive.. this has been my view.


I need to get up!  Life must go on, and letting myself go and turning into a slob is not the kind of example I want to be to my boys.   I must get up!   So this morning I did... at 5:15am.  I went to the gym came home and started what is turning out to be a very productive day.  My home already looks better and I wouldn't be totally humiliated if we had an unannounced visitor.  

And almost as if she was reading my mind or knows what I needed... a bloggy friend of mind is posting about time management... making the most of your days.  Please check out Latoya's awesome blog.. 

I'm not sure that everyday will be easy but I know what I need to do for me... and my family.  I need to get up.

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  1. Girl you and me both. Im up to date on all of my tv shows and I've learned that graham crackers and vanilla icing go hand in hand. It's time to get out of my funk:)