Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Valentine's Day

Long ago when my hubby and I were just a pair, the romance between hubby and I was never ending (mostly because I arranged it that way).  On special occasions.. birthday's, anniversaries, and V-day.. I'd do it up... and inexpensively.  I'd rush home from work and prepare some special dinner, wine, and candles were a must.  I'd spend hours making the perfect playlist, dim lights, some type of chocolate covered fruit, and of course there'd be a special trip to Victoria's Secret.  Alas... those special days don't happen as frequently.  

Do I mind? 


I've traded those evenings for fun family dinners, snuggles in bed with all 3 of my loves, and my playlist now includes The Wiggles.  Yes my hubs and I do get away sometimes but our life and relationship have evolved and I love how it's grown.  Last, year was the first time I consciously planned and executed a Family Valentine's Day Dinner.  This year I will do the same.  Valentine's Day is a special day for emphasizing your love for your loved ones, why shouldn't the kiddos be involved?!?

This year Munchkin is older and will help me prepare for our special day.  We will make heart decorations, bake red velvet brownies (and use cookie cutters to make them into hearts).  We will put on our nicest outfits (no yoga pants for mommy), we'll brake out the sparkling cider and toast to the love we all share.  If you work outside the home, how about a family dinner out 
(yes , even on a week night... gasp!!)

Whats on the menu?  Now typically I am opposed to preparing 2 dinners.  My kids eat what I make, or they wait until the next meal (unless my softy of a husband makes them something else... smh).  However, on special occasions I make exceptions.  My Husband and I will dine on Sicilian shrimp scampi (Olive Garden style) for an appetizer, and salmon with kale and garlic smashed potatoes for dinner.  The kiddos will have heart shaped pizza.  For dessert we will all enjoy a large cup (or sippy cup) of milk and a heart shaped red velvet brownie.  If I can get to the store I may even splurge on some fun V-day plates and placemats.

Of course when the kids go to bed (and yes they will be in bed by 8 and asleep by 8:30) the hubs and I will enjoy some grown up time (I never said I wasn't taking a trip to Victoria's Secret... blushes).  

This year I encourage everyone to include the kiddos in this special night.  If your a stickler get a babysitter and go out on Saturday... that's what we're doing ;)

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  1. It is so funny how Valentine's "evolves" once you have kids! I love the heart shaped pizza idea!