Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Balloon Wreath Tutorial

Okay so remember Munchkin's Awesome Disney Cars party.  Well as promised here is the first tutorial from that party.  When I was in my party planning stage, I was scouring the web for anything cool and these wreaths kept popping up (no pun intended).  See for yourself... do a google image search for balloon wreath.  Anyway... this is how I made mine.

 Things I used:

300 Floral pins  (I got mine from Walmart) You may want more or less depending on how puffy you want it, or if you want to add any extra fun things.  (Note.. I did not put balloons all the way around.. just the front and sides.)

Balloons (I suppose close to 300)

14in Straw Wreath.. I had intended to get a bigger one but that was the only size at Joann's (that day?) I am so glad I didn't go bigger... I'd have never finished.

Pipe Cleaners (or chenille stems for you fancy folks)

Here's What To Do:

Put the kids to sleep and turn on your favorite show.

Then use the pins to push the balloons into the wreath.  So this is the first time I've worked with straw wreaths and I began to take the plastic off and it started falling apart so... learn from my mistake if your a newby... DON'T TAKE THE PLASTIC OFF!!

Repeat this step until your thumb hurts... put it away, start again tomorrow.

Continue.. until the kids wake up.. Put it away.

Take it out for the third time and finally finish.  I suppose you could be all super mom and do it in one day... but I didn't... hehehe.

Please note... this is not finished... lol.

To complete add fun spirally pipe cleaners.   To make those just wrap around a pen or pencil... 

slide it off...

bend it in half and voila'... Stick them where ever! 


After I finished I thought of other fun things to do.. like adding some of the theme characters or small numbers for age.  You could get really creative with this.  By the way, I threw that bow together.. and couldn't do it again if I tried.

Hang in on the birthday honorees door for the week leading up to their birthday for a fun tradition.  Munchkin loved waking up to find it hanging there.


  1. That is so cute, and girl your tutorial sounds good with me:)

  2. This is too cute I love the lil boing boing curls!