Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great Company To Work For!

So last week I made a really small order for Mary Kay.  Just a few things for my mother, sister, and her friend.  Since I wasn't going to see them until the weekend, I didn't open my package when it arrived.  Instead my unopened box sat on my desk for nearly a week.  On Saturday when I finally open the box and gave out everyones goodies I realized some things weren't shipped.  Great!!!! (in my sarcastic voice) Who is going to believe that I didn't loose the products myself or simple keep them if I called the company.  Well fast forward to Monday.  I call my branch, explain the situation, and a very friendly woman first apologizes then tells me my replacements will be shipped shortly.

I LOVE this company.  I've only had to call once before for a damaged item and it was quickly replaced.  No attitude or long wait.  You speak with a happy friendly person who is very understanding of the fussy 7  month old in the back ground.  It's instances like this, along with the fun I have doing one on one facials that keep me confidant I have made the right choice in my decision to sell Mary Kay.

Feel free to contact me if you've ever thought of joining or rejoining the pink bubble!

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