Monday, July 22, 2013

Mom Talk: The Myth of the Super Mom

Hello all!! Welcome to my first Mom Talk Monday.  Mom talk will be exactly what it sounds like, posts about things moms talk about.  My hope is to give my take or opinion on various concerns that moms have.  I find that amongst all my mommy friends and family the conversation is typically the same.  We all have the same basic needs, concerns, and joys.

For my first installment I want to tackle the myth of the Super Mom.  We've all heard of her.   She always looks fantastic. Her home is elegantly decorated and spotless.  She successfully completes all her pins from Pinterest (apparently, you're supposed to use it as inspiration to actually do projects... not just dream about them... whatever!!).  Her kids rooms' are always perfectly cleaned and organized. And speaking of kids, they are always well behaved and neatly dressed (there is never dried Mac n cheese on their chins).  They are potty trained before 2, and eat what they are given.  Which, of course is only fresh fruit or veggies (that she grew in her own garden) with organic meats.  Oh, and she and her husband have the perfect marriage.   I could continue, but I'm sure I don't need to.  A lot of us moms have this idea of what we should be then feel guilty for not living up to this fantasy.  Or we strive to do EVERYTHING to become her and we are resentful... at least I was.

Clearly I'm a Super Mom, Check Out my tumbler!!

The truth, that I believe we all discover in our own time is that she doesn't exist, she's a myth.  a complete fabrication of our minds.  Sure, there are times when my house is spotless, and my kids are neat and tidy.  However, usually my home looks lived in and if you popped in unexpectedly you might find the boys and I in our pj's well past 11am.  Of course I offer my children various healthy meals and snacks, but there are days when I can't toast a pop tart fast enough, and yes I have the number to Dominos stored in my cell phone.  The love my husband and I share is immense... one for the story books, and even so, there are times when we get on each others last nerve!

A very good friend of mine, said to me "Wow, you're such a Super Mom".  While I gladly accept any compliment I get, I was really thinking, You're the Super Mom, Ms. Full time working mother of twin girls... two-year-old twin girls!  Of course I told her so.  We all do our best in whatever situation we have.  Last summer I had lots of mom guilt (thats a whole other topic) because I didn't do anything with my boys.  I was pregnant and hot and quite frankly I just didn't feel like it. We sat in our air conditioned home, they watched more TV than I care to admit, we did hardly any tot-school,  and that's okay.  It's okay if there is dust on the base boards, or a sticky spot on the kitchen floor.  Sometimes the kids will be off the hook, and sometimes their rooms' will appear to have had some type of toy grenade explode in it.

It's time for us to give ourselves a break.  Be the best mom we can be with out completely loosing our  shit minds.  Stop assuming the grass is always greener or uh, cleaner?  Enjoy and be proud of your own life, home..whatever, because in our own respect we all have a little super mom in us.

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