Monday, July 29, 2013

Bet You Thought This Would be More Mom Talk

I hate to disappoint, but this is not another Mom Talk post.  I've got my mind on something else and just couldn't get my thoughts together enough to write a full post!  What is my mind racing about you ask?? Read on!!

I've got some big plans for August.  Huge, and I want you to join me.  Let's do this together!! I suppose you'll want to know what you're committing to first, huh?  The Kitchen... A huge overhaul of the kitchen.  This will not be a total kitchen remodel. It is, a total reorganization and spruce up.

This overhaul has been on the radar for a while.  I've given myself an entire month for this project because of my 3 little guys, and the sheer size of my kitchen.  I don't like projects to interfere too much with my daily duties, so this project will be broken up into small easy to manage tasks.

Of course I've already gone and done my research (please read, drooled over super organized Pinterest kitchens). I've also done some rough sketches and notes outlining where I want things to go and how I want various areas to function.

My goals

Re-caulk the back splash and sink 
Purge (it's always a good idea to get rid of stuff)
Clean and shine cabinets (inside and out)
Add liners to drawers.
Add dividers and drawer organizers.
Rearrange drawers and cabinets to make them more functional.
Spruce up my Command Center
Add some organizational items to the fridge and pantry
Lastly, I want to add a bit more decorative items in the kitchen.

My Timeline

August 1 - 3, I'll be tackling the caulking.  I've been putting it off long enough and it needs to get done ASAP!!

August 4 - 17, I'll be tackling the cabinets and drawers in the main part of my kitchen.

August 18 - 24 will be my Command Center Spruce up.

August 25 - 31, I will finish things up in this kitchen overhaul with my fridge and pantry.

So who's with me? Anyone? Need to organize a cabinet? Need to clean out some shelves? How about getting rid of some things you haven't used in a while.  Even if you only have time to do one junk drawer... do it!! We can do this together!! No need to feel over whelmed, we'll tackle a little each day... We've got the whole month!!

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