Friday, March 4, 2011

My Favorite Things!!

These are a few of my favorite things (In my Julie Andrews voice ; ).   The other day I was cleaning up around the house and I realized I was in love with certain products.  So of course I decided to share.  Keep in mind this only my very humble opinion.

Favorite Cleaning Agent

 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I must have five of these all around my house.  I love them.  They work wonderfully and once they get gross, you just toss them out.  One day while I was nursing my little bear, my munchkin was eating his lunch quietly in the kitchen (Yes, I know... there is no such thing as quietly for a 20 month old).  If only I had turned my head 90 degrees I'd have seen what he was really doing so quietly.... COLORING! No, not on the paper we have, but all over the wall stretching from his little table to where I was sitting.  Beautiful black scribbles, from the baseboards to as high as his little 2 1/2 foot self could reach.  After telling him how pretty his art was, then reminding him to color on paper,  I ran to get my Magic Eraser (lol... ok maybe thats not exactly how it went down).  Anyway, just as I thought it would, it came off, and didn't ruin the paint.  Since then I have only bought washable crayons which come off with water, and I make sure I always have a Magic Eraser close by. 

Favorite Facial Cleanser

Mary Kay Timewise 3 in 1 Cleanser.  Yes yes, perhaps I am a bit biased, as I am a Mary Kay Consultant, but it was my favorite way before I started selling Mary Kay.  I've tried so many different scrubs, cleansers,  and toners.  None have made my skin feel as soft or look as healthy as my Mary Kay Timewise 3 in 1.  I feel like I give myself a treat at the end of each day with my night time pampering.  I use the entire miracle set, and rotate between satin lips, even complexion power pair, and now my microdermabrasion set.  Yes there are some nights when I am too tired to even think about a miracle set... but I always use my 3 in 1 if nothing else.  My night time routine helps me feel feminine again. 

Favorite Appliance 

Cuisinart Prep Plus II .  Now I have to admit this was a tough one.   I like all my appliances, but this one allows me to grate cheese in seconds, slice and dice veggies, as well as make the perfect soups.  I used to watch the Food Network in envy as the pro chefs would throw things in their processors for quick salsa, pesto, and countless other cool munchies.  Now I am apart of that food processing elite (okay, that's a bit of a stretch since I haven't made pesto yet).  The only draw back is all the pieces, but since they are dish washer safe... it's all good!

Favorite Baby Gadget

Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor by Summer.  Hands DOWN!! For my first son my husband and I had a hand me down black and white video monitor (which we are still very grateful for).  Hubby and I both thought this was the coolest thing ever.  Enter Baby Touch.  The only reason we decided to purchase another is because the first died on us.  My husband is a research fiend and found this online.   I love this monitor.  It has a touch screen color monitor, remote camera, and my favorite feature - baby talk.   The feature baby talk is actually pointless for an infant, but for a two year old it is not only perfect... it's hilarious too.  When I put Munchkin down for his nap, like most tots he's up and out with in minutes.  With this feature I can sit in the office and blog, and with the touch of a button remind him (ever so nicely) to LAY DOWN!! ; ) 

So those are a few of my favorite things.  However, please know that when I say favorite things,  I should add favorite material things.  My favorite things of course are my family and friends,  they are truly who I could not live with out.

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