Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holidaze: Moving Right Along

Hi there!! So this will probably be the shortest post ever.  I first want to let you know what I've done since my last post in terms of holiday planning and prepping.

1. Sent out my invitations.  I don't typically send out Thanksgiving invites, but since we are celebrating my son's first year I thought It'd be a nice touch.  I am using my event planning app to keep track of numbers.  It's called Pro Party Planner.  I use it for every party I host, even if only to keep track of guests.  When ever I get a confirmation, which is typically by text these days I can add them on my list straight from my phone.

2. Completed my Thanksgiving Menu.  This includes breaking it into three categories for when all the food will be prepared:  Day Of, Day Before, and Weeks Before to Freeze.  I have also created a rough shopping list for all the things that I will be cooking and freezing, and I've made a few purchases from that list.  I typed it on the computer and saved it to a holiday planning folder so it's already complete (minus a few tweaks) for next year.

3.  Made an appointment for family holiday pictures, which I will also use as holiday cards.  I haven't gotten around to sending holiday cards for 2 years now.  Don't judge!! I have toddlers!

4.  Picked up a few items for tablescaping.  I'm still trying to work out my place cards, and few other touches.  I'll work on that next week.

Okay, So I want to leave you with the Thanksgiving Planner Printable I've been using.  Not only does it have areas to write things in (while your sipping wine and watching scandal), but it also contains lots of tips for staying on track.  Click the link above or follow me on Pinterests, I have it pinned there as well.

Next weeks goals include:

Finish cooking food that will be frozen, this includes pre-chopping and freezing veggies.

Finalize table settings and center pieces.

Finalize my Gift Giving list (during TV watching)

Order my elf on the shelf.  Yes I'm doing it, and more excited about it that I should be!!! Muahahahaha!
(Also during TV Watching)

I will also start to clean some forgotten areas, and carpets in my home.

Okay gotta go, Baby's up.


  1. Hi Leiah, I am so impressed by how on top of things you are when it comes to your holiday planning! nice work!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Seriously, my last few holiday seasons have been blurs of diapers, late shopping, and wrapping paper!