Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tot School - Letter L

Munchkin was 36.5m
Little Bear was 18m when we did these activities.

We had loads of fun with the letter L, we actually did these activities about 2 months ago, just before my break.  I'm so sorry but I forgot where I got this letter search (if you've seen it leave a comment pretty please).  Munchkin did pretty well with it.  He was able to correctly stamp all upper and lower case L's, but wanted no part of tracing them or trying to write his own.  He preferred to scribble.

We used our Tot School Notebook with printables from here.  I love that he is doing more intentional coloring these days, for the longest he just scribbled over the pictures. Of course I did catch him in a good mood and that has a lot to do with how our tot school goes.

This was our first time practicing cutting on a line, I printed these bug cutting strips from here.  Up until now I've been giving him scraps and letting him go to town.  I think he did pretty well. 

 I'm letting him do more and more gluing, but we still worked together to make this L is for Lion.  Check out No Time For Flash Cards for great letter art activities.  This is actually something I really struggle with.  You'd think as a second grade teacher I'd be totally used to messes and backwards feet, but it slightly drives me up the wall.  I know that I need to let him be more independent when it comes to art.  This is something I really need to work on... I don't want to stifle his creativity.

I glued the first foot... and had to hold my hands behind my back so I wouldn't "fix" the other three.

Little Bear is getting in on tot school more as well.  Last week I introduced him to green.  He really loves dot painting.  I don't expect him to identify the colors  yet, I just want to expose him to them.  Plus it's easier having him in his chair and occupied while I work with Munchkin.  I printed the color book from Memorizing the Moments.    

I even let Little Bear get in on the letter art action.  I put dots of glue to the paper after he colored it.  I then guided his hand to place the the pieces on.  Then I had to pry the little pieces from his hand.

This week we are working on Letter M.  Check out some other great tot school post here.


  1. You have the greatest projects planned for the babies!Such big boys I never trusted mine at that age do use glue

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I really need to let them do more, and just allow the mess that comes with it.