Monday, December 5, 2011

Tot School... What We've Been Up To

Munchkin is 33m
Little Bear is 14.5m

Seems like forever since I did a Tot School Post.  We've been up to lots.  We actually started our Letter of the Week over at A again.  This round we will be focusing more on the letter  sounds, as opposed to simply identifying letters.  So far Munchkin is doing great!!

First of all, he as finally gotten the hang of cutting!! LOL, he is so excited about it too! He loves just cutting and cutting until there are a million little snippets everywhere.

 I've decided to make an ABC book with Munchkin too.  We will do a letter craft each week for both the big and little letters, make a collage page, and we'll add a letter tracing page too!  Check out our A letter crafts.  I found the cute letter craft ideas at No Time For Flash Cards.  While we are learning the letter we'll hang it in the school area of the playroom.  At the end of the week we will add it to our book.

We have also made an A-Z field guide (very Diego like).  Each week we will add some type of animal (or insect).  We had a great time making it.  I'll add a how to tomorrow.  This week we talked about antelope.  I just did a google images search for the pictures!

See the antelope eating grass.. lol!

My other little Tot Schooler is doing well too!  He is walking everywhere now, and getting into everything!!!  He loves playing with these sorting vehicles.  I know, not letter A related, but he loves them and that's what matters.  He takes them in and out of the bucket, kicks his legs in them, and of course tastes them.

He is also very interested in "reading".  He is always flipping through his board books, and now at bedtime he actually will sit and listen (most of the time) while hubby or I read.

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  1. I am just in awe and inspired by you and how you work with your boys! I hope I can work with my son and develop his enthusiasm for learning, I can tell your sons love learning.

  2. They are so adorable:) My daughter finally started repeating the abc's this week. I tried some word cards but she absolutely cannot sit still long enough for us to even go through them. If you have any tips please share because I need them for my little Boom:)

  3. Your boys look like they are having a great time, they are so adorable!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  4. Great to see how they are learning and the effort you put into it is great!

  5. the boys definitely look like they are having fun learning...that's awesome!

  6. thank you so much ladies!! @ latoya.. your doing fine, just reading and exposing her to things is great. Tot school should be fun... so let her take the lead. The day Munchkin was cutting, I had something else planned but he wanted no part... all he wanted to do was cut... so I let him.