Friday, December 3, 2010

Facials and Fruit Cups

Brooooooooo!!!!!!!  That is my son's way of asking for a fruit cup.  I used to slice fresh fruit and steam veggies for him.  Now (with the birth of baby boy number 2) I opt for the not as healthy and very sweet fruit cups.  I told myself I was going to have kids with wonderful eating habits (better than mine at least). They would never or very rarely have sweets or take out.  Well my son loves some french fries and cake and cookies too!  What's a mom to do?

So, I'm preparing for my first dress rehearsal facial.  I've facialed two women pretty close to me.  I had on no make-up, was in sweat pants, and had an infant in my arms.  That is not the Mary Kay way, but this is my business, right?!  I call it dress rehearsal, because I will be facialing a friend who I normally wouldn't get dolled up for.   But I want to play the part.  So, after I put Mr. BROOOOOO to bed, I'll glam it up, head to toe, black pumps and all and head over to her house.  I hope to gain some experience without embarrassing myself in front of strangers.

I actually can't wait. Selling Mary Kay has added some fun to my life that was dangerously close to becoming completely about diapers and dinner.  I've made just a little extra cash and met some pretty cool women.  I've gotten out of the house on days when I probably would have stayed in doors, and I've started caring about the way I look again.  I have found my pretty place and I hope tonight I'll help someone else find hers too!

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